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While looks can seize the eye of the beholder, personality and one-of-a-kind character traits are what create a lasting impression.

Hello, my name is Cheyenne Moore and I can assure you that I am quite an elite, noteworthy experience. I am a firm believer in the fact that anyone that you meet or encounter should add value to your life.

My presence is distinctive and remarkable as I carry myself in a very classy & tasteful manner. I can carry conversations in any social setting ranging through various topics such as health & wellness, sports, culinary arts, music & film.

I’m 5’6, with a curvy, soft, silky yet toned body. I descend from Jamaica and Lebanon with Native American roots as well. I have a natural bust measuring at 34DD.

I am organic in spirit, down to earth & do not judge anyone as I accept everyone and everything for how they come. I love to make those around me laugh as I also believe highly in living life to the fullest. I do not surround myself with negativity as I prefer my life to be completely drama free.

My hobbies include: exercising, reading books on spirituality, meditation and holistic health, cooking, writing, hiking, sunbathing, float tanks, yoga, discovering new music, & photography. I have been to many different parts of Europe including Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, Belgium, & Amsterdam just to name a few.

I’m known for my brilliant smile and my ability to make each moment extremely unforgettable. I am bright, well spoken, & highly intelligent while I also often hear from many that I am especially mature for my age. I am a woman of worth and high quality so only a select few will get to experience me as I keep my social circle to an elite minimum. I appreciate being discreet and private as well.

Note: I am appreciative and accepting of all genders, orientations, & skill levels.

I look forward to making each moment we spend full of enjoyment, positivity, & laughter.

The Look

Cheyenne Moore is a 5'6", curvy, 23 year old caucasian / middle eastern / native american woman with medium length black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.




I am a huge foodie so you can always catch me taking eloquent photos of food that I have experienced near and wide. I love to watch Food Network (Chopped and Master Chef, to be specific), I love to cook whether that be all vegan meals or nonvegan meals. I love to eat organic, travel outside of the U.S. as I mentioned in my biography, working out, meditating, self care days, and reading. My favorite foods include Meditteranean, seafood, French cuisine, & Asian cuisine. I love trying new things and exploring new places. Let’s plan a trip together :)

  • Advanced bookings are highly reccommended and greatly appreciated.
  • Upon inquiring, please make sure to submit as much information as you feel comfortable with such as: First name, age, general appearance, & interests.
  • Please do not use explicit words. I also ask that you approach our first conversation with the upmost respect as reciprocation is key.
  • No withheld phone numbers.
  • Gifts should be placed in an envelope and in left in plain sight for me to retrieve upon my arrival. Never make me ask for my gift.
  • Have your ID ready and available for me to inspect. If you do not trust me enough to show me your ID, then I will not feel safe.
  • To fully enjoy a meeting, you must be showered, groomed, minty-fresh breath and smell nice.
  • Please be respectful and always be a gentlemen. Your kindness, generousity & courtly manners will be greatly rewarded and appreciated to the highest degree.
  • Please do not over stay our time together. If you would like additional time, please provide additional gift and advance notice that you would like to spend extra time together.
  • Gifts are for my time and companionship ONLY & are not negotiable.
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