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+A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos

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Splashing Waves over ROCKS
A gals’ got to use what she’s given and I’m not going to make a guy drool the way an adult video does.
So-take it to extremes…

Somewhere down the road, when lightning strikes maybe once, maybe twice, & it lights up the dark sky.

Our paths will collide for a mystical daydream to reminisce for days beyond the stars

Let me be your next mess of gorgeous chaos

We can disguise it if you wish…
But, I ain’t gonna lie to you…

I’m the Original Baylee, 5’4 (with Flip Flops), that carries a sensuous smile, enticing body and a zest of charismatic appeal…

Once the inveiglement starts, the magnetism of chaos can draw upon the fascination of the sensational man beast you are…

A Gypsy Soul with a Warrior Spirit…

I left normal and regular to explore the outskirts of
magical and extraordinary

Always A, Mess of Gorgeus Chaos

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Baylee Shots is a 5'4" caucasian woman in her late 40's with long black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Couples.

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