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A multicellular organism with a caffeine addiction & thick thighs.
Elegant with an edge; an anarchist at heart.

“Hey, Stranger…

My name is Brynne. Where I lack in height, I make up for in presence, personality, and attitude. Challenge me to a battle of forks, and be prepared to stare in both awe and slight disturbance at my ravenous appetite.

I have long black hair and dark brown eyes to match, complemented by elegant makeup and full lips. I sport a natural tanned glow, despite my vampiric tendancies. I also have a deeper voice, making my dry sense of humor even more enjoyable.

I am attracted to open-minded, progressive individuals, with a penchant for intelligent conversation and nihilistic humor. Oh wait, am I talking about me?”

I cater to those who seek an experience, not a service. Sometimes, that experience is me complaining about the plot holes in a romantic comedy.

Your hygiene and correspondence with me, both prior and during session, determine your experience. I do not offer a comprehensive list of acronyms, or promise specific services.

The Look

Brynne Allin is a 5'1", athletic, 22 year old asian woman with long black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


“If you’re looking for inspiration on a potential gift, look no further. The best gift would be a human head on a silver platter, but I’ll also accept some of the following…”

Learn more about a Brynne near you (it’s me, I’m the Brynne)


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Screening and deposits are required.

I only accept new inquiries through my Booking Form with all fields completed.

I have a busy schedule and am selective with who I spend my time with.

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