The Posh Pocket Toyfriend, a mini-vibrator with a cute name and sleek look, seemed like a potentially promising little toy. I am usually very skeptical of small vibrators; as I mentioned in my review of the Tantus Tsunami, I tend to like my vibration nice and strong, and most of the time small vibes turn out to be unsatisfying teases! The bullet in the Tsunami, though, surprised me, and gave me hope for this tiny black and white vibe.

The Toyfriend line is made by Tickler, a Swedish company that likes the concept of creating products that tickle your fancy. So far, vibrators seem to be their primary product, although their company page makes claims of more to come. The product line includes a variety of different kinds of vibrators, from mini to insertable to multi-sensational.

The Pocket Toyfriend line is made up of four different vibrators, including the Posh Pocket. The promotional video for the line is almost as cute as the toy itself, too! The top is made of silicone, the bottom is hard plastic, and the toy takes one measly AAA battery. The toy is also completely waterproof, meaning it can be completely submerged for aquatic play.

I had such high hopes for this posh little buddy, hoping that like Ikea, the meatballs, and that Swedish musician I had a summer fling with several years ago, it would capture my heart (and my clit). Sadly, though, the Posh Pocket fell far below my expectations. This little one couldn’t get me off, and trust me, we tried. We really, really tried.

The Posh Pocket had multiple opportunities to entertain my plush button, from joining an actual dick, to joining a wonderful glass dildo (pssst, that’s next week’s review!), to merely meeting my clitoris on its own. No combination was enough! Listen, the lady between my legs is one demanding cunt, and this little vibe left her completely unsatisfied.

Perhaps this just isn’t the vibrator for me. Despite my disappointment with the Posh Pocket (which, I imagine, can be easily assumed to apply across the board regarding the Pocket Toyfriend line), I’m hesitant to write off Tickler as a whole. As a sucker for playful marketing or attractive design, I cannot help but hold off final judgment of Tickler as a whole.

That said, don’t buy the Posh Pocket unless you and your clitoris are easily moved. Twenty five bucks isn’t worth the tiniest of tickles.

If you’d like to find out for yourself if Tickler products are for you, click here. You can buy the Posh Pocket Toyfriend here.

Disclaimer: Toyfriend USA provided the Posh Pocket Toyfriend for this review, but otherwise no compensation was provided for this post. These are my true and honest opinions based on my experience.