I had the fortune of being introduced to Tantus at Catalyst Con, a sexuality conference that takes place every six months on alternating coasts.  Tantus is a sex toy company that has revolutionized the way that sex toys are made, and since 1997, has made major waves in an industry by raising the standard on the quality of the toys folks like to stick inside themselves.

At this last Catalyst Con in Los Angeles, I let it slip to the lovely Tantus representative that despite being a huge fan of what Tantus stands for, I had never actually had the opportunity to use one of their toys.  She hooked me up with a Tantus Tsunami,  a waterproof vibrator that comes in a variety of bright colors.  

The Tsunami is almost seven inches of insertable length, and the toy itself has wave-like ridges along it intended to aid g-spot stimulation.  It also comes with a small bullet vibe (and batteries) that is intended to be placed inside a compact compartment at the base of the toy.

When it comes to masturbation, vibration is a necessity for my orgasm.  Although I am one of the fortunate women that can come from vaginal penetration alone, jerking off is usually an act that is fast and dirty, where I want to get to the end result with ease and quickness.  

Most insertable toys that come with a bullet vibe are not actually stimulating enough to do the trick for me.  I’m a person that needs some serious vibration for it to be effective, and usually the toy stifles the vibration to a degree that makes it more frustrating than satisfying.  While I am a huge proponent of the tease, it’s not something I look for when I’m trying to get off on my own.

I was expecting this problem with the Tsunami, but shockingly, the toy transfers the vibrations with a surprising amount of strength.  The wave-like ridges actually proved to be excellent at stimulating my g-spot; since they are spaced across the toy, it doesn’t seem like the Tsunami is only fit for where they think the magic spot happens to be on everyone (since we all know that everyone is shaped a little differently).  The vibration combined with these ridges meant that my g-spot was getting hit juuuuuuuuust right while also still being able to achieve that full feeling that I enjoy with penetrative sex.

The length and girth were perfect for my preferences for regular masturbation.  While occasionally rough, cervix-pounding-fucking can be a good time, I don’t find it terribly sustainable for daily self-lovin'.  The Tsunami isn’t big enough to cause soreness, and is shaped just right for a vagina-owner who wants to feel the toy without wondering if they are being boned by a battering ram.

I was a bit biased walking into this review; I knew that Tantus makes it a priority to make their toys safe for use by avoiding toxic chemicals, which is alone a winning sell for me.  The fact that their business model is music to my paranoid ears is only a plus when I consider the kind of performance that their toys, like the Tsunami, provide.

If you’d like to invest in a Tantus toy or two for yourself, you can find the full catalog of their products here.  You can buy the Tantus Tsunami here.

For more reading on the mission of Tantus and their approach to safe, well-made sex toys, find out more about the panel they presented on at Catalyst Con in this write up from Joanna Dawson, MPH.

Disclaimer: Tantus provided the Tsunami for this review, but otherwise no compensation was provided for this post.  These are my true and honest opinions based on my experience.