Sex toys come in all different kinds of delectable shapes, sizes and functions. Whether you are looking for a pornstar experience, something for orgasms on-the-go, or something big and veiny, it’s hard not to find what you’re looking for.  Most of these toys range from stylishly simple to downright raunchy, but few are works of art.  Some manufacturers have taken the sex toy trade one step further by creating toys that are just as pleasing to the eye as they are to the touch.

Introducing the Icicles No. 30 Double Pleasure Glass Dildo, a pink dual stimulator made of hand-blown glass. This gorgeous dildo was an especially exciting review opportunity for me; I had been coveting a variety of glass dildos before it was potentially available and hoping it would fall into my, uh...lap.

Glass, as a sex toy material, is a new favorite of mine. I prefer toys that don’t require a whole lot of fuss, and the glass used by Icicles is reasonably durable, as well as absurdly easy to clean and store. It’s hypoallergenic, completely submersible in water, and undoubtedly phthalate-free. It’s only notable downside is that it doesn’t offer the same level of flexibility as a silicone toy.  Lastly, many glass toys are so finely crafted that they could serve as sculptures as easily as they serve your orifices.

The Icicles No 30 is meant to hit both the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously, with textured glass for added sensation and a sweet little spot for a finger to curl into. Glass toys are also fantastic for temperature play; all you need is a bowl of water (cool or warm, depending on your preferences) and a little prep time (here’s a how to for the novices in the audience).

Between its aesthetic appeal and my love for the material its made of, I was already a fan of this toy before I ripped it out of its stylish box. The shape of the toy was a concern; I wasn't sure how it would fit with my clit and g-spot (or if it would at all). Bodies vary widely from person to person, so inflexible toys meant to hit a magic spot run the risk of missing the point completely.

While the Icicles No. 30 didn’t do much for my clitoris other than a little bumping and rubbing when very specifically angled, the sensation of the toy inside me was wonderful. The smooth glass against my skin, especially when combined with a little bit of my favorite lube, was satisfying; the way this chilled glass toy slid inside me was exceptionally sensual.  The ridges in the glass were perfectly placed to add sensation without being overwhelming or desensitizing. After using it a few times to review, it has become a regular in my play both with a partner and by myself.

Plus, again, always a sell for me: IT’S PRETTY.

If sixty bucks seems like too much of an investment for a toy that may not satisfy your clit the right way, Icicles has a series of other options that are capable of serving your needs. I know I will definitely be looking to invest in another of their toys very soon, and I cannot recommend their products enough.

If you’d like to find out for yourself if Icicles products are for you, click here. You can buy the Icicles No. 30 here.

Disclaimer: Lovehoney provided the Icicles No. 30 for this review, but otherwise no compensation was provided for this review. These are my true and honest opinions based on my experience.