The bullet vibrator is a wonderful invention: It’s small, it packs a tiny punch, and can be matched with all kinds of other toys, making it versatile and hard to get sick of. Lovehoney  sent me their Bionic Bullet Vibrating Finger Tingler Ring...whew, what a mouthful! It’s unwieldy name suggests both fashion and superhuman capabilities; a toy that looks good and inspires orgasm? Bionic babes, step aside! The future is infiltrating the toybox!

The Finger Tingler is a two part toy: A pink bullet vibe with five different speeds, including one that pulsates, and a sleeve that fits over the bullet, with a pointed, textured sleeve meant to fit over the finger of the operator. The bullet and sleeve are made of Barbie pink silicone, measuring in at about four inches long.

The side of the sleeve meant for the bullet offers a suction-cup fit, insuring that your vibe will stay put when in use. The other side of the sleeve has raised bumps along it, and comes into a curved, pointy tip, meant for “precision point pleasure." Since the bullet can be removed, the sleeve is extremely easy to clean. It isn’t waterproof, unfortunately, and requires one AAA battery.

The Finger Tingler’s reviews are extremely generous, claiming that the toy had one user “squirting like mad,” but I was less than impressed. The finger sleeve’s pointed bit is intended to direct the vibration to a specific space, but instead, it felt like it was just poking my clitoris...unpleasantly. The only thing it precisely pointed to was exactly where I didn’t want to be sharply poked. The sleeve dulled the vibrations, rather than guiding them to where I wanted (needed! NEEDED!) them to be.

After finding the sleeve obnoxious and, at certain angles, actually painful, I discarded it to get to see if the bullet alone could do the trick. The bullet has five settings, but for someone who likes a strong vibration, only two of them were strong enough to be noteworthy. The strongest setting is, by far, the most effective, and actually worked well enough to achieve orgasm.

The Bionic Bullet Finger Tingler Ring is one of the few toys I’ve reviewed that I cannot see being worthwhile to others, despite its vague, but glowing reviews on the site. I suppose if light vibration is your thing, it could possibly work for you; hey, everyone has different preferences! Maybe being poked in the clit is your thing! If so, then definitely give this toy a try. If you are like me, though, I recommend perusing Lovehoney’s other options and seeing how you fare.

Disclaimer: provided the Bionic Bullet Finger Tingler Ring for this review, but otherwise no compensation was provided for this post. These are my true and honest opinions based on my experience.