It’s an age old question, should you meet with a independent escort or a lady who works though an agency? There are pros and cons for both options. Making that decision depends on what your situation is, what you might be looking for, how you like to hook up with new friends and if you care how your personal information is handled. Both are viable; both have people who are ethical and honest and both have people who will mishandle your information and treat you badly.

Agencies take a big percentage of the income that people who work for them make. If someone earns $1,000 dollars a day then the actual worker will in most circumstances get $500 of that. There are a few agencies where a worker will get a little more then 50% of their time and companionship fee but those are rare. What does a lady get for giving half her income to her employer? In theory she will get safety, convenience and not have to do any of the back end work to manage or maintain a small business. No advertising, no travel bookings, no website maintenance, no outside or inside sales. She shows up looking pretty and she meets new people. It’s common, very common for agency girls to meet with a high volume of new people every single day. Now for some people that’s great and they flourish as agency girls. Less back end work, less money but its easier then running a small business all on your own. Hopefully these girls will have picked a place that screens the people she will be meeting with so that she won't end up in a bad or scary situation. Some do, some sadly do not.

Independent girls are responsible for all aspects of their business, all travel booking, advertising, inside and outside sales and anything and everything else. For doing everything, they keep 100% of their fees and have to pay out to no one any percentage of their hard earned cash. They tend to meet with less new friends because they don’t have the time the agency girl does because they are handling other aspects of their work and they are making more money so don’t have to meet with as many new people to be in the same position as the agency girl.

An agency girls “persona” is developed by the agency, any bio about her isn't written by her it's written by the agency, it might even be a recycled bio of a previous agency employee. Often agencies use representative pictures and not actual photos of the person you will be meeting though that is becoming less and less common. Agencies will screen you by asking you for all kinds of personal identifying information. If they don't then you are likely dealing with a “bait and switch” agency which is only out to get your cash with without being a legit operation. Run, don't walk to the nearest exit if this happens, unless you like paying for a whole lot of nothing!

Independent girls create their own personas which often means they are playing up their best features. If they are funny they will use it to their advantage, if they feel they are smart they will play up that, if they think what they have going for them is a rocking killer body then that will often take the forefront and though they are “personas” there is a good chance you will get the style of persona that is being presented when a girl is independent. Independent girls will also ask you for all kinds of personal identifying information about who you are. They will need to feel safe meeting you and will want to screen you. If they don't ask for screening info, well good luck getting anything you're looking for buddy. Seeing someone who doesn't care about safety will only get you into trouble or ripped off.

You might have noticed that there’s not a whole lot of differences for you the potential new client between the agency girl or the independent girl but there are a couple of things you need to think about. One is how your personal information is handled. Both groups need to screen but how do both groups handle your personal info? The other difference is who is more likely to get into big trouble? An agency that is booking many appointments for many girls crossing many different state lines? Or a independent girl who is only booking for herself. Which is more likely to draw unwanted attention? If a small independent girl gets into trouble, well that's a pain in the ass but it’s a small problem for her and pretty much no problem for you, plus and it rarely makes headlines. If an agency gets themselves into trouble it can be national news and has been. People who have been patrons of such places have seen their names in association in official documents and in national and local papers. It’s splashy, sexy news and will always get ratings when an agency gets into trouble.

As a potential friend of either the agency or female escort you have to decide for yourself what style of person you might want to see and take everything into account about how each operation works. Nothing is fool proof but when you consider each business model on their merits you can make an informed decision about what works best for you.