Many kinksters get to know themselves and let go of stresses by playing with their bodies and minds through a combination of sensation play, sensory deprivation and bondage. Some find it peaceful and and conducive to self exploration. Others find it an escape from the pressures of their daily life, a way to let go of stresses outside of themselves.

Something as simple as wearing a blindfold can be a catalyst to being able to let yourself go and get in tune with your other senses under the watchful eye of your dominant. After a few minutes you become hyper-aware of your skin, the movement of air, temperature changes, the lightest brush of a fur stole. You start to listen for any hint of what is happening around you while you breathe in the scent of the room. You can smell the tang of leather, hear the swish of a skirt, the sharp inhalation before your skin comes alive with the touch of a gloved hand. A palm on the bottom of your foot can bring your attention to the muscle and bone, sending your awareness coursing through the rest of your body taking note of how it all feels. You are drawn into the moment where you can forget about your everyday worries and just be inside your body.

Sensation play doesn't have to be about who is subservient and who calls the shots. Sometimes it can be a way for a partner to show they want you to be able to relax and truly enjoy yourself by taking the active Top role, or a way to bond and get to know one another in the first stages of a D/s relationship. It can be a way to build trust, letting your play partner bind you, and guide you into your body by shutting out parts of the outside world and letting you experience the moment in a different way with your pleasure in mind.