Escort reviews, provider reviews, some read them, some don’t, some hate them, some love them, some accept them as a necessary evil. The fact is they are out there and at some point you will be faced with a decision. Should you allow yourself to be reviewed or not? I have reviews but I allowed them with many reservations. When I was first on the scene I had a no review policy. I was just uncomfortable with the whole idea. A few years in I wanted to expand my reach and a VIP escort girlfriend who had plenty of reviews and did very well with them convinced me to let my first review ever stand and not have myself completely taken off that website. It was a favorable review so it was easier to let that stand than if my first review had been a dog. I told myself I'd let it stand for three months and see what I could make out of the whole review thing. Years later I still have a solid little showing of reviews floating around the Internet. It’s been a love / hate thing all these years.

Reviews give you exposure you wouldn't normally have. On most sites that have reviews you will be able to post ads for yourself or create profiles. Some have ways for you to directly interact with potential new friends though chat rooms and messengers. It’s tempting to take advantage of all those features and exposure, especially when advertising costs for escorts have gone up year after year. Reviews will open you up to new people. There are some people who will only interact with well reviewed ladies. So it is very tempting to want to get a piece of that pie. Reviews also help show the world you’re legit, that you’re real, that you're not a fake. Which is often a good thing especially if you’re new and are looking for a way to establish yourself and your web presence.

But it's not all rainbow and roses, reviews can also be mean and hateful. Reviews can give away details about you that maybe you don’t want known to the general public. Also ladies who have reviews often get lied about. Fake reviews happen and they happen a lot. On most review websites there is no recourse for those actually being reviewed. Anyone who registers for that review site and creates an account can put up a review about you whether they've ever actually met you or not. That goes with the territory. People lie and they can lie about you. You can cry foul but there's really nothing you can do about it. That review will likely stand. Anyone can say anything and they often do. If you have a thin skin you might want to rethink allowing reviews. If you have a sensitive day job or you’re an extremely private person then maybe reviews are not for you. Reviews are a double edged sword and allowing them or not is a personal decision that only you can make. Be forewarned once you are a “well reviewed provider” its hard to go back to not allowing them.

If I had it all to do over again I would probably do it differently. There are many more ways people have today to show the world you are legit, that you are real and many more places for escorts to advertise. There are also many more tools at your disposal to use to increase your presence and get yourself out in front of the right people. Blogs, websites, social media even Twitter works. You don't have to depend on reviews or review sites to help you reach a wider audience or to show your legitimacy but those things also take time and effort to develop and letting someone review you, well that’s not that hard to do.