These two gorgeous, fun, smart and sexy Asian Dommes are set to Dominate the Entire World! I sat down with them and asked some curious questions.

Tell us your names and how you each got started as Dominas?

I'm Domina Yuki. When I was 18 I was in LA studying fashion design, and I was drawn to all the fetish fashions. I found all the leather, corsets and wicked heels to be so beautiful and I loved how they heightened the feminine form and created an image of this alluring and powerful woman! I randomly found a book of photos from various Torture Garden parties and was immediately drawn to the images that I saw „ all the fetish costumes, people in bondage... I knew right away that that was a world I wanted to be a part of. These were people that created their own reality according to their desires and weren't afraid to express themselves! It was all so exciting and inspiring to me. Then a friend of mine told me about these femme domme parties in LA, which I attended a couple of times. A few years later I moved back to the Bay Area and I found out about a house of domination where I could get some formal training, that's when I really got started.

I am Domina Ai-Li. My photographer friend actually told me about the same house of domination many years ago. He met the Head Mistress at a play party. When he told me about his experience, it lit up a part of my brain. I always felt there was something missing in my own relationships. I tried to explore with my partners but my passion for exploration always outweighed their enthusiasm. One day I just decided to contact the head mistress and explore my own fantasies and fetishes. Since that day, my exploration quickly turned into more. It has now become a huge part of my lifestyle.

How did you happen to come together to form World Dominasian?

We met at the dungeon where we were both playing. We would be there the same days and started to get multiple double session requests. We realized how much we loved playing together. While our styles were different, we found that they complemented each other and added a lot of layers to our double sessions. We had a lot of fun together due to our similar interests. Soon we started traveling together for sessions. Our connection has grown deeper ever since.

What are your favorite type of sessions to do together?

We both really enjoy natural and seamless interactions where we can really be ourselves and let our personalities set the tone of the session. Teasing is more exciting because there are two of us. We love doing things that overwhelm the submissive. There is never a break with two Mistresses, which allows for non-stop action.

We also like taking the role of nice Mistress and mean Mistress. One of us will comfort and nurture, while the other pushes the submissive more. There is something within the nurturance which allows our submissive to want to push themselves even more for us.

Speaking Mandarin to each other is also one of our favorites. We love how this adds to the confusion of the submissive, assuming they do not speak Mandarin. We can scheme right in front of their faces and they won't know what hit them! Literally and figuratively.

We have a lot of fun and often end up trying to make each other laugh. We feed off and play our energy off of each other which increases the intensity. Because we have done countless sessions together over the past five years, we can communicate without even talking. Our movements and actions flow together seamlessly.

Is there such thing as a stupid question?

A stupid question is asking for a service we state that we do not offer. Another stupid question is asking for something that is obviously answered on our websites. We both have FAQ pages that list a lot of information. It is very apparent when potential submissives haven't read the website.

Some of the most confusing or comical fantasies can even involve requests that defy the laws of physics. Even though it's great fun to fantasize about, don't ask us to do something that is not physically possible.

What are some of your favorite toys to play with?

Our hands, brains and bodies.

Do you have personal slaves?

We get asked by submissives to become our personal slaves all the time. Something important to note is that while we do have personal slaves it has taken them many years to get there. These slaves did not become personal slaves by asking or pestering. They got there through continued service. We've actually both asked our slaves if they would like to serve us personally without them asking us first.

What does a potential sub need to know before a visit with you?

They need to thoroughly read both our websites: and personal sites: Domina Ai-Liæ( - coming soon!)æandæDomina Yukiæ(blog -æ

Follow the rules and instructions on how to contact us and set up an appointment.

What's the future look like for World Dominasian?

More traveling, more sessions.... This interview made us excited for Pure World Dominasian!