You don't have to steal your girlfriend's vibrator when she's away at work. You also don't need to use vaseline, lotion or shampoo as lubricant when you're getting off in the shower. Here's the lowdown on some sex enhancing products made especially for you. The items listed here can be used solo or with play partners.


Personal Lubricants are formulated for delicate areas of the body. Don't scrimp and use products that will be harsh on your skin when you can find a great variety of lubes that are made for masturbation and partner play. Many women are sensitive to ingredients in store bought lube. Infections and itching can interrupt your next session and cut playtime short. A quality body friendly lube will keep everyone happy. Some specially formulatedæmasturbationælubes æand creams, like Stroke 29 for example, are created to enhance your experience and provide a whole new feeling. You can also try cooling or warming lube for a different sensation.


Looking for a new feel? Tenga products range from budget, discretely-packaged, convenient eggs in a selection of textures, to disposable Ona cups aka Masturbation Sleeves, which are sold in vending machines in Japan. For something really special try aæspace-ageæFlip Hole that can easily cleaned and reused over and over. I've heard these feel pretty awesome, singer Frank Ocean agrees (via instagram).

Cobra Libre

Sometimes concentrating on the work makes it harder to relax and focus on how good masturbation feels. Cobra Libre, the world's first vibrator for penises takes as little work as possible, just turn it on and rest it on your stomach, insert the tip of your penis and you're about to go for a ride with thisærace caræshaped stimulator! Enjoy the modern, masculine design and a high-tech, hands-free experience.


Penis Pumps provide instant blood flow and increased sensation. Pump users say they can even increase penis size and strengthen your orgasms. British-made Bathmate pumps use water to create tight, safe suction and you can use them in the tub or shower. Creams and pills can't increase your dick size but some men say penis pumps really can.

Prostate toys

Prostate stimulation promotes sexual health and could lead you down the road to stronger or multiple orgasms. Aneros has created products to target and massage the prostate for almost 20 years. Analæpenetrationæis something many people crave no matter what their gender is. When looking to use a sex toy 'where the sun don't shine' make sure you're using products that are safe for anal use, the best anal toys have a distinct curve or aæsignificantlyæflared base that will not go inside the body. This will keep you happy and out of theæemergencyæroom!

Cock Rings

You can enjoy of a cock ring alone or with a partner. Cock rings keep erections harder longer by restricting blood flow. Some of my favorites are the Three Snap Leather Cock Ring or stretchy rings that are easily removed. Add vibration for solo play or to really excite your partner. A vibrating cock ring turns your penis into a dual action vibrator, stimulating her internally and on her clit right where it counts.

If you have a penis or a prostate try these sex toys for solo play or more fun with a lover or play partner.

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