#SlixaTravelTuesday just got a whole lot simpler.

While the Slixa Team is constantly making upgrades and improvements to the site and its functionality, most aren't as big a deal as our new Scheduled Start feature! We know how busy our advertisers are, and worrying about travel plans or starting and stopping your ads shouldn't take up even one unnecessary moment in your day. For the first time, rather than starting a Visiting Ad the day you announce your tour schedule (or trying to remember to start it around your arrival date), Slixa users can set a start date any time in the future (up to a full year in advance!) and the ad won't go live until then.

With Slixa's unique Credits system, no credits will be deducted from your account until the day the ad goes live, allowing you to get strategic about the costs of your tour advertising. No more wasted spends on days your ad isn't timed for maximum impact, and gone are the days of setting "reminders" to turn your Slixa ad on or off.

But it's not just for advertisers who tour. Scheduled Start is also available for your regular Slixa ads, as well! Give yourself time to plan your full advertising strategy, create your profile, and upload your images without the need to make your ad live immediately. Plotting a return after some time off, but know you won't be ready until the first of the month? Set your Scheduled Start date and never pay for a day your ad isn't live.

If you have questions about Scheduled Start (or any of the great features on Slixa.com), remember our dedicated support staff are standing by. You can always connect with them via phone, live chat, or email during regular business hours.

-The Slixa Team