Are fresh towels and bottled water enough? Certainly, but you could offer more to let clients’ love of creature comforts keep them coming back for more. What you offer can depend greatly on your brand and professional escort offerings, here I want to share some of my favorites items and ideas to cater to a clients’ needs and put them at ease in session.

Water and Refreshments - As a Dominatrix, some of my sessions can leave my subjects physically spent from following orders and in need of a pick me up. Dried fruit, cheeses, fresh fruit, juice and crackers are among some of the treats I offer clients as part of my aftercare. Having something to sip or nibble on at the beginning of a session can help you break the ice with a client and coax nervous ones into conversation.

Toiletries - I collect little bottles of extra mouthwash, shampoo, bar soaps, shower gels and lotions when I stay at hotels, as well as buying travel sized bath products and asking for samples to have a variety for my clients individual tastes ranging from unscented and organic ingredients to fun and fruity body washes from my favorite shops.

Receiving Room - It might sound old fashioned but it has it’s uses, whether it is an actual room or a corner in a studio for your couch. We naturally want to take some time to chat when getting to know a client or catching up with a regular. Having a comfortable sitting area to relax in at the beginning or end of a session can let you both get a feel for each other, bond through conversation and build anticipation for your time together. Some colors are soothing like pale greens and blues, others can energize such as bright yellows and other jewel tones. The color and decoration of your incall can set the mood, so pay close attention to details like drapes, throw pillows, blankets and rugs to add texture, natural and artificial lighting, wall decals or even painting.