A subject is offering their power, time and energy, to change my immediate surroundings for the better, to save me time and worries in taking care of a menial task when they serve. The effects of this exchange of power can be incredible.

A dedicated domestic submissive is anything but weak. By submitting themselves in service they are able to focus the power they have to create a better day, life and world for their dominant. A submissive has the power to change the world for the better through acts of service to another, even if it is something as small as folding and organizing laundry so your dominant can choose her clothing for work quickly in the morning.

Committing to a lifestyle service agreement gives a submissive the opportunity and privilege to see the lasting impact they can make in the life of their dominant. Much like the concept of Paying Forward, what you do in service to your Mistress will reward you and others around her. A simple act of service can create a chain of positive actions that ripple throughout a Mistress's day. For example: Because you organized your Mistress's laundry, she would be able to choose her clothes quickly, resulting in her punctual arrival at work and feeling a sense of accomplishment before her workday has even begun. You would succeeded in helping her comfortably arrive on time, effecting her outlook on her day for the better. The way she interacts with coworkers, family, friend and you, her submissive already benefit from one small act of service first thing in the morning.

It can be easy to forget that submission is more than submitting to the wishes of a Mistress when tired or bored with service routines. Reminding yourself that your service has an effect beyond the immediate satisfaction of your Mistress can help you maintain a positive outlook on your commitment and your role. Knowing your service is valued because of the lasting effect on many aspects of your Mistress's life by relieving her of small cares can carry you through the dullest, most frustrating tasks. You will learn more about your inner strengths and keep your eyes on the greatest reward: Being a powerful and valued submissive through service to your Mistress.