“I’d love to see your latex clothing and to feel it - corsets, gloves and high heels. I love the touch, smell and feel of latex. That is what I crave. Guide me through a tour of your attire and your body in this clothing, showing off to me and letting me enjoy the scenery...”

It’s a wonderful thing when people can enjoy a fetish together. Indulge all of their senses with no pretense or need for explanation. When I received the message above I knew we'd get along. Any excuse to show off my growing collection of latex clothing and accessories puts a smile on my face.

Complicated scenes and role plays are fun, but slowing down and appreciating every sight, smell and feeling can bring an intense amount of gratification. These are the lingering moments that turn into memories.

I brought out my collection the night before we would meet and went through every item, considering it for the next day’s “Latex Fashion Show”. Each piece telling a story and reminding me of where I’d worn it before.

The blue transparent bikini that I once wore to Folsom Street Fair. The custom red and black dress with matching gauntlets that a lucky slave bought for me from my favorite designer, Fierce Couture. My most recent acquisition, the elegant tits out number from Lust Designs that I'm wearing with sparkly star-shaped pasties in the image above. I considered every item twice, deciding which would make the cut for our limited time together.

My first outfit was all black - sleek from head to toe - a halter top that accentuated my cleavage, allowing my breast to defy gravity, a slick black waist cincher with shiny silver snaps down the front, and a tight pencil skirt hugging my curves falling just below the knee.

Paired with my shiny spiky black patent 6 inch heels - Hell’s Bells from Taylor Says. I stood back to see myself in the mirror, excited by my reflection. Even without the final touch of the silicone lube to add shine - I felt gorgeous, sexy and powerful. When my new friend arrived, he was beyond pleased.

He helped me bring the latex to a reflective shine and enjoyed every moment. The smell, the feel and the look. I walked slowly across the room and then back towards him. His deep sighs let me know he was enjoying himself as much as I was.

As he waited patiently on hands and knees with eyes closed, listening attentively to the sound of the rubber, I changed out of my more formal knee length ensemble into a pink trimmed merrywidow with black latex panties underneath. I allowed him to have a peek and then let him watch as I pulled on the final touch, thigh high latex stockings, affixing them to the garters on the front and side and allowing him to help affix the ones on the back.

“Enjoying the view?” I asked as he was on his knees behind me eager to shine every inch of sleek black rubber that was hugging my curves right in front of his eyes.

“I feel like a superhero in my latex clothing. Saving the world from boring sex!” I laughed! Latex clothing takes sexy to an entirely new level. It’s like a second skin that shines and reflects and follows curves into all the right places.

My latex clothing collection is pretty awesome so far. But I’m always on the lookout for more, more, more and moreEtsy is a great place to find custom latex designs from up and coming designers around the world.

Tell me: what do you love about latex? Do you have a favorite latex clothing designer? Here’s a short list of latex designers I’ve always got my eye on: