The hustle involved in all freelance jobs can start to wear a gal down after a while, and working as an independent escort provider is obviously no exception. There's the gnawing uncertainty of when your next gig is coming and how it will go; the aggravation of always-in-flux finances; the tedium of unpaid hours spent networking, answering emails, and writing website copy; the loneliness of laboring by yourself. It can be easy to forget the benefits when caught in the grind, so take some time on America's Independence Day (even if belated) to remind yourself why your own liberation is worth celebrating. I've come up with my top ten reasons to enjoy working solo. What are yours?

10. Answering “What do you do?” with “I run a small business” - I’m pretty open with most people about how I earn a living, but I can (and do) throw a heavily euphemistic spin on it when required. “Small business owner” is my favorite alternative. It allows me to pretend to be such a respectable young lady… and it’s the truth!

9. Meeting clients wherever I like - The owner of the house I used to work at forbid us Dommes from seeing clients outside of the dungeon. The policy was reasonable enough, and I usually had no objections, as I wasn’t (and still am not) too keen on the idea of outcalls. However, it proved frustrating when a client would invite me to dinner and I’d either have to decline a free meal or risk my job. Now, not only do I get taken out to fancy restaurants on the regular, I make sure I get paid for my time out and about, too.

8. Doing doubles with whomever I please - Colleagues can be great, but they can also be a pain. Having to do doubles at the house with whatever coworker the client chose wouldn’t always go smoothly. Working solo, I can make sure the session is more enjoyable for everyone by pick doubles partners from among the Dommes I know I get along.

7. Networking like a champion - And I’m getting along with so many other Dommes now! House Dommes are often taught that pros at rival houses are their enemies, and so we tend to stick within our ‘cliques’. Working independently means I’m able to meet and mingle with a range of other Dominatrices, and my career (and social life) is better for it.

6. Shaping my own image - Having control over my marketing has been key to both my financial success and my happiness since striking out on my own. I pull in only the clients who want a playful, seductive, girl-next-door Domme like me. No longer do I have to pretend to be the Ice Queen Goddess I’m not, which makes my job easier AND more lucrative.

5. Making my own hours - I used to have to sit in a lounge three days a week from morning til night, waiting for clients to come to see me-- not very Domme-ly, or very enjoyable. I now schedule my appointments for whenever I please, so I’m never overbooked or waiting around aimlessly.

4. Tipping out no one but myself  - I do sometimes tip out the manager at the space I rent, but it’s a very different dynamic than making a fraction of the total cost of the session like I used to. I’m responsible for advertising and equipment now, which means the money I make is mine, ALL MINE… until I have to put it towards business expenses. Still, I’m making much more by my running my own operation.

3. Not having to worry how others’ risk-taking will affect me - There are always rumors about co-workers offering extras, and it puts the other girls on edge about arrest and client loyalty. Working alone means I can manage all the risks and not worry what others are doing.

2. Cultivating and screening my own clients - Since going solo, my clientele has improved 110%. No longer do I have to deal with potentially dangerous walk-ins, and by talking with potential clients ahead of time, I also manage to avoid the ones I simply don’t jibe with.

1. Being able to tell anyone and everyone to get fucked - If a bad client does slip through the cracks, though, I don’t have to ask anyone’s permission or worry about anyone else’s income before telling him to fuck off immediately and permanently. And boy does that feel good.

Happy (Belated) Independence Day! Let's celebrate being independent providers every day!