Meeting with new clients who you enjoy spending time with is great, but forming long-lasting business relationships with them is even better. So how do you stand out among the crowd of other providers and secure your spot among their favorites list? Read on to get some of my own personal tips on how to turn new clients into instant regulars.

  1. First impressions are everything. This is pretty self-explanatory, but the first meeting you have with a new client is going to set the bar in terms of expectations and you'll want to put some extra effort into delivering the best possible first experience each time. This means having a clean and pleasant incall location, being punctual or at least communicating well and plenty of grooming and pampering to look your best. Making a strong first impression doesn't stop with those things though. It goes far beyond the visible and material worlds and has much to do with the vibes you give off as well. Take time to meditate and relax however you do best so that you're refreshed and in the right state of mind when you see new clients.
  2. Be as natural as possible and flex your social muscles. When I refer to social muscles, what I mean is that you should be upbeat, friendly and take an interest in anything your new client wants to share with you. Engage in the conversation, share some things about yourself to break the ice and always have a good attitude when meeting someone new. This can be challenging to pull off on bad days, but remember that it's only a few hours at the most and anyone can keep a smile on their face for that long.
  3. Never make your client feel like they need to pay to be in your presence. While the nature of an adult entertainer's (or escort) relationship with clients obviously involves compensation, your goal as a provider should be to give them the same experience that they would seek out with anyone else. That means playing the roles of friend, lover, mistress or whatever it is they might be after. I've never met a client who said they enjoy spending time with escorts who appear to wish they were somewhere else or who can't stop glancing at the clock. Make your clients feel like you want to be there every bit as much as they do, and you'll have a new fan every time you meet someone new.
  4. Be available and easy to reach. Even if you have a schedule that takes up a lot of your time, it never hurts to give clients an open invitation to send a text or leave a voicemail whenever they want to get together again in the future. Just let them know that you will get back to them as soon as possible if you are available, and that sometimes you won't be able to answer if you're busy. This way you don't miss out on any opportunities, even if you aren't able to say yes every time. You might be surprised at how many of your clients will plan in advance if you simply let them know what your next available day and time might be.
  5. Do your best to cater to your client's requests. Never do anything you're not comfortable with, but many of your clients will have special requests or fetishes that act as extreme turn ons. If you are willing to cater to their specific desires and sometimes very subtle little requests, you can bet that they will prefer seeing you over other providers who won't. Not only that, but some clients will not even share these more private fetishes with a provider until they have seen them several times, in which case you will be their go-to escort rather than starting new with someone in order to build up that trust and get to the same level.

If I had to sum up my advice on this topic in only a few words, I would have to say the best way to turn new clients into regulars is to simply "be fun." Show them a good time – a real VIP escort experience – make them feel good about everything in general and play the role they are casting for. If you do these things, they will never tire of rehearsing with you and acting out their favorite scenes.