The sex and adult entertainment industry is quickly becoming more and more competitive as it evolves along with the internet, drastically changing accessibility and marketing of porn stars and producers, phone sex providers, dancers, massage providers, escorts and BDSM providers, creating a new niche of performer, cam girls. It only makes sense to continually grow along with it. With smartphones and tablets thrown in our purses and duffle bags, the resources available to educate yourself while waiting in an airport, on the bus, in the dressing room, or between clients are nearly endless.

Before you sign up at your local university, or perhaps you are already a student, take some time to figure out what you need to learn and improve on in your business as well as what you could learn to make your work even more enjoyable. Maybe formal education isn't the best path for you depending on what you want and need. Perhaps you are a dancer  or fetish model and need some lessons in stage makeup application, an escort wanting to learn how to keep a conversation going with anyone or a dominatrix looking to learn more about anatomy. Turn to the internet for hair and makeup tutorials, new dance moves, and websites dedicated to BDSM and sex education. Join discussion groups, or start groups with providers in your area.

Look to your community for workshops from creative writing and languages to BDSM and dating. Look into your local banks and credit unions for small business and finance workshops or advice. Go to First Aid and CPR certification workshops. Get involved with volunteering and skill trades or start a skill trade with your friends. Have friends in school? Share notes and books from classes. And don’t forget your local libraries! Through educating yourself in your spare time you not only keep your business growing upward, you build yourself up and get the added confidence of feeling like a well rounded professional, and that confidence is incredibly attractive.

A few worthwhile topics to brush up on:

Improvisational Acting - A great way to learn how to act your way out of awkward silences, tripping over yourself, clients who want to play guessing games and other situations where you need to think and act fast to keep the show going. Impro: Improvisation and the Theater by Keith Johnstone is a wonderful book for the basics of improvisational acting that crosses over well for daily use.

A Second Language - Not only will it help you expand your client base and turn your clients on if you can actually speak French, it looks great on a resume if you want to work in another industry. You can bet your boots there’s an app for that.

Better Communication - A must for anyone in this industry. 'I’m Ok You’re Ok' by Thomas Harris, MD is an oldy but a goody when it comes to books on communication.

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