Escort Tips: Being an escort can be a dream job - high potential for financial and emotional reward, flexible hours, and no annoying boss to contend with. In my short time in the industry so far, I have already had some absolutely exceptional experiences with some absolutely wonderful gentlemen who I wouldn’t have ever met otherwise! I’ve loved every minute of it.

But, like a high risk stock, this industry has inherent volatility and many of us may need to exit the industry at some time, voluntarily or involuntarily, and for many people retirement comes early and on short notice. Whether it’s because of love, family, security, or any other reason, wanting to leave the industry isn’t always foreseeable well in advance.

Fortunately, there are things that we can all do during our peak times in this industry to ensure that we’re able to smoothly exit the industry whenever we want. This benefits both us and our clients - by ensuring that escorting is a choice and not our only option, we only stay in the  industry when we’re actually excited about being here and creating amazing experiences for our clients!

As  a recent grad of an Ivy League university with the beginnings of a promising vanilla career when I entered the industry, I put a lot of  thought into how to best protect my optionality after entering the  industry, before I ever placed an ad or became Natalie Hepburn.

Here are some escort tips that you can use to protect your optionality, too!

Maintain Anonymity

While it’s completely unfair and equally irrational that escorting is highly stigmatized, unlike other care professions, it’s a simple (sad) truth that we all have to deal with. Being out as an escort can limit future career opportunities, alienate potential references, and make it difficult both professionally and socially to leave the industry. Being out as an escort can also increase your bookings, attract great clients you may have otherwise missed out on, improve your brand, and give you a platform from which you can work to combat the stigma of the industry.

There are pros and cons both for taking pro-anonymity measures, such as blurring your face, and for being out and proud. At this time in my life, to preserve as much optionality as possible, anonymity is the right choice for me. That doesn’t mean showing your face is the wrong choice - ultimately, it’s a personal decision that’ll be different for everyone and the most important thing is just to give yourself time to decide what’s right for you.

Stay Professionally Active

Retiring  escorts and stay-at-home parents reentering the workforce face the same major barrier - a big resume gap that turns off potential employers. As  an escort, it’s a good idea to stay active in your alternate  profession, or in another one that may interest you down the line, in order to have something to show on your resume for your escorting years. You can do so by taking a part-time job in your field or freelancing, but if escorting full-time is what makes the most sense for you and your  finances, that’s okay!

For full time escorts, volunteer work is a great way to keep your resume in great shape. Your volunteer work should ideally be somehow related to the field you’d want to retire into from escorting, but even unrelated volunteer work where you get to use people management skills, stay up to date with technology, prove accountability, and develop relationships with individuals who can later provide references for you is beneficial and very worthwhile.

Continuing Education

One of the best things about being an escort is that it can provide you with opportunities you otherwise would never have had. I’ve seen parts of the world that I wouldn’t have otherwise, eaten in amazing restaurants, and experienced all sorts of different cultures! While those were all edifying experiences in and of themselves, more structured continuing education can benefit all of us.

For  many escorts, this work allows them to pursue a college education. That’s wonderful! For those of us who already had a degree when we entered the industry, continuing education can also be a great thing. Whether it’s attending the graduate program of your dreams or taking individual classes, continuing education helps prevent problematic resume gaps, widens your skillset and makes you more attractive to future employers, and makes you a more interesting companion for those extended dates - dinner dates, day dates, overnights, fly-me-to-you’s,  and travel dates - that we all love! Investing in yourself is always a  good choice.

We  have the power to make this a better industry for all of us. Part of that is making sure that only those of us who want to be in the industry and are thrilled by our work are in the industry. By being proactive, you can protect yourself from ever escorting out of necessity, rather than desire. Have fun, ladies (and gents)!