Long-distance lovers, worry no more! When our lovers and playmates are far away it sometimes gets hard to stay connected and feel the love. I've put together eight ways you can get closer even with thousands of miles between you.

1. Follow on Social Networks: (but not too close!) Connect, reply, interact and show you’re paying attention. But don't stalk and don't get jealous of their interactions with others. Write thoughtful comments expressing appreciation of your relationship, comment on specific things they do that bring you joy, replying with love, heart and authentic care for each other’s freedom to pursue happiness. Don't take posts personal or read too much into comments and conversations with others.

2. Send Gifts Just Because: Little things count, big budget items are not necessary to make loved ones smile and let them know you care. You can share kindle books for free, plus there are a lot of other reasonably priced and free services that will send gift cards and goodies. Now you can even buy a gift directly though Facebook for instant delivery. Note customized sizes; shoe size, ring size, clothing size, favorite color, scents and styles. Personalize your surprise gift and show your sweetie that you’re paying attention. In some situations your love interest might appreciate a piece of gently worn clothing that still has the scent of your skin, perfume or cologne. It's good to make sure they express an interest in any type of gift before you send it out though.

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3. Connect via Smartphone: Use brief texts to send each other private thoughts, connect with apps and play games together like Words with Friends or DrawSomething, use apps like Pair (now called 'Couple') or make up your own game where you send each other funny videos or memes that remind you of each other.

4. Send Snail Mail: There's nothing like a handwritten letter with a special drawing, a spritz of perfume, or even a lock of hair. Write your feelings out and seal them with a kiss. The thought and effort put into a real love note shows that you're willing to go the extra mile to demonstrate your affection.

5. Meet in the Middle: When you do get some time to get together don't meet at home, take a vacation to a location that is new and exciting for both of you. Pick a spot where you can get away together, really focus on each other for the time you have. Get away from the stress of day to day life and just play, have fun and focus on each other.

6. Dirty Talk: Great for the bedroom and the phone line, talking dirty will keep things hot. Hearing their excitement and sexy voice over the phone, and letting your hands wander all over your body can be almost as good as the real thing. Close your eyes and imagine your darling's voice and their breath on your neck as both your heart rates increase.

7. Create Your Own Secret Code: You can slip your code words into a quick text, seemingly unrelated online post or tag it on an overpass and instagram the photo. Shared secrets keep things exciting and bring you closer together, just like an inside joke between the two of you.  

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8. Cyber Sex Toys: Modern technology is catching up with the needs of modern relationships. These days some of the shyest people are happy to 'cyber' (have cyber-sex). They may also be ready to add interactive sex toys to the mix. Check out ohmibod products that work seamlessly with Skype and smartphones, as well as the latest technology including Durex Funderwear and more.

I hope you're inspired by these ways to connect with playmates and lovers long distance. Whether it's for awhile or just a weekend, you can keep the sparks and connection going strong with just a few of these eight ways to win at long distance relationships.