Whether you are an escort, massage provider or work in a dungeon, sometimes our jobs are a work out themselves, so we have to take the time and effort to stretch out, warm up and build up our bodies to meet the demands of our sessions so we don't end up hurting for days after.

Not only is our work physically demanding, it requires a certain level of body and self awareness to avoid burnout, injury and illness. Unlike some day jobs, you can’t get away with ignoring stiff muscles, aching hands or a head cold at your desk to power through your work day since most of your profit comes from personal interaction. If you’ve recently transitioned from entertaining part time to full time or are just starting out in the business, you may be feeling the new demands on your body already. Here I want to share some resources and tips that can help you set yourself up to perform at your best.

Strike A Counter-Pose:
Have you been arching your back a lot in session to accentuate your curves? Just finish a shoot that made you feel like a pretzel? Perhaps your high heels are already doing the dirty work for you, pushing your hips back. Counter your daily arching with a simple yoga move: Child's Pose. This will help keep your muscles from "remembering" the kink shoes and sexy poses can put in your back. Child's pose also a great way to counter working at a computer with poor posture or no back support. If you spend a lot of time on your feet standing at a massage table, or showing off your legs and heels, stretch out your hamstrings and glutes, by doing some toe touches, or if you're less flexible "rag doll", by bending at the hips the same way you would for toe touches, relaxing your upper body and arms, letting it hang and lower gradually with the help of gravity. This will help relieve tightness and soreness in your legs and hips from standing for hours.

Have a Routine:
Ms Savanah Sly, a Seattle Dominatrix, has two videos on kinkacademy.com where she goes through some easy repetitions that help warm you up for the physical demands of domination, including a leg lift that makes a wonderful back saving alternative to crunches and sit ups. Even if you don't offer BDSM or fetish services a routine like Ms Savanah's or even sun salutations morning and night can make a great difference for massage providers, especially those who incorporate Nuru and Thai massage into their practice. You can find work out routine videos online to suit your style from yoga, weight training, Parkour, P-90x to kick boxing, Alexander Technique, dance and Zumba. You don't have to worry if you are a beginner, less flexible or mobile, since you can typically find tutorials tailored to specific bodily needs such as stretching and toning exercises for people with chronic pain, scoliosis, arthritis or joint injuries.

Jump Start Your Day:
Cardio exercise isn't only key to longterm health, it can make a difference in your entire day, from boosting your energy levels, feelings of wellbeing and spurring creativity to building your stamina to power through the busiest and most demanding work weeks. Stationary cycles as well as bicycles tend to be cheaper and easy to come by second hand, and pedaling can be a great low impact way to get in your cardio along with a great core and leg workout. Swimming can be another low impact exercise that is relatively easy on your body, especially your back and hips. Walking, jogging, and running are also recommended exercises to get your daily recommended cardio.

Don't Forget Your Hands and Feet:
We do a lot with our hands and feet. Typing up replies to emails, doing research, writing ads and blogging can make a big impact over time on our hands and wrists contributing to conditions such as Carpal Tunnel syndrome and Tendonitis. Remembering to take breaks and stretch, do range of motion exercises, rest and sometimes hot soaks and ice for our hands and feet can make a difference in your comfort and overall health of your most used joints.

We’ve been hearing plenty about doing your kegel exercises for better sex and maintaining muscle tone for better pelvic health and bladder control later in life, but we don’t often know they go hand in hand with a sneaky core exercise you can do anytime and anyplace: Flexing. But flexing isn’t just limited to your core or pelvic muscles, you can branch out to tone your thighs and buttocks by flexing them individually; a common practice among dancers who need the muscle control for popular moves. Flexing your core can help relieve back pain by taking some of the strain off your back’s muscles with the extra support from your abdominal muscles, which can help improve your posture too.

Start by practicing flexing in front of a mirror so you can maintain your posture and match up the different ways your body feels and moves as you flex your core, hamstrings and glutes. This helps you become more familiar with your body so you can do your flexing routine by feel alone with enough practice. You could be getting part of your daily workout in the, waiting in line, shopping for groceries or watching TV at the end of a busy day without anyone knowing what you’re up to.

Remember, working out is about getting in touch with yourself and learning how to move and better utilize your body in everyday life. Strengthening yourself to maintain better skeletal, muscular and overall health isn’t about attaining an often exaggerated standard of fitness and beauty. So have fun, play your favorite workout tunes and enjoy a routine that makes you feel fabulous.