Hello friends!

As you know, a few members of our team recently went to the Desiree Alliance conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Donia Christine and I handed out swag, hosted an event with Safe Office, and got the opportunity to meet all kinds of brilliant sex industry babes! Most importantly, we got the chance to talk about Slixa one-on-one, which often tied into bigger conversations about entertainer advertising, reviews, and what it means to be in this business. There are some conversations that just aren’t possible without that face-to-face connection, and being able to finally have so many of them was incredible. We were so glad to actually be able to address concerns and questions in person, and learn so much from the people we had the opportunity to speak to.

We so enjoyed our time there that we decided that this shouldn’t be the only conference that Slixa sponsors (and that the Slixa Squad attends)! We have two conferences coming up very soon and if you are anywhere nearby, you should come and say hi!

First, we will be at Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, which is being held in Washington D.C., September 19th-22nd. Their goal is to, “to affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right,” through talking about creating change in a world where sex carries a significant stigma that is often used to justify misinformation, lack of competent care, and that generally negatively affects both our mental and physical health.  

The very next weekend is Catalyst Con West, which is being held in Los Angeles from September 27th-29th. Dee Dennis started Catalyst Con “to inspire exceptional conversations about sexuality,” by creating a space where activists, writers, sex educators, sex workers, and more can come together to share their thoughts, experiences, and work. I have attended the last two Catalyst Cons, and I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed my experience at both. The sessions are usually extremely informative, and Dee goes out of her way to create a safe space for sex workers. In particular, there is a sex worker only mixer before the conference (make sure to RSVP if you'd like to go -- I know that I'd love to see you there!).

Slixa is proud to be a sponsor for both conferences, and we are really looking forward to seeing all of the faces of YOU wonderful people there! We will have some spectacular swag (although no more of those fancy tumblrs...those were special for Desiree attendees!) and will, of course, be answering questions and offering tutorials on how to use Slixa to your full advantage.

If you can’t make it to either of the conferences, but cannot bear to miss out on all the good sex ed and activism, you are in luck! Both conferences have twitter accounts and conference relevant hashtags.

For Woodhull, follow @WoodhullSFA, and save the conference hashtag: #SFS13.  For Catalyst Con, follow @CatalystCon and save #CCon. You can also always follow Slixa on Twitter to get related updates, or follow Donia and me for live updates from the conferences themselves.

Hope to see you very, very soon!