Also, it's important to enjoy what you do which means you should do your best to see the clients who you hit it off with and like spending your time with.

Nervous about meeting with someone new for any reason at all? Or perhaps you aren't sure if someone is a good fit? This is where a meet and greet comes in, and they can help with all of these things.

Basically, a meet and greet is exactly what it sounds like. You suggest meeting somewhere public, like a coffee shop or a bar.

  1. This is much safer than meeting privately with someone who you are unsure about for any reason. If you don't feel right about someone after your meet and greet, simply part ways and choose not to see them in the future. It might even be a good idea to have someone come along or drive you and wait for you in the parking lot. This acts as a deterrent for following or stalking you once you leave the place where you meet.
  2. In less serious situations, meet and greets are a great way to break the initial ice with someone new and determine if the two of you are a good fit. Escorting is a very social type of work, so finding clients who you click with is actually more important than you might think. For example, I probably don't have to tell you how awkward it can be to meet with a really shy client if you happen to be a submissive type yourself. On the other hand, it's much less painful to simply grab a drink with someone and chat for a few, even if your personalities don't totally jive.
  3. Last but not least, meet and greets offer you a chance to meet with someone with no expectation or pressure whatsoever. When you agree to meet a new client for the first time, there is obviously a sense of obligation to follow through with plans and show up looking, feeling and acting your best. Meet and greets are far more casual and allow you to get to know a person without any sense of obligation, so there is no reason to be nervous beforehand.

Meet and greets are not for everyone, obviously. It just depends on what you are comfortable with at the end of the day. But if you think this might be helpful when choosing new clients, it couldn't hurt to give it a try once or twice and see how things turn out.