Ana Bella

+Sweet, Dangerous, Young Cupcake.

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“He tasted her and realized he had been starving…”

Hi, I’m Ana! I have a body sculpted through my love of dance and have a provocative imagination. I am very open minded…and I hope you are too. I am a very perceptive person and use my intuitive abilities to determine how to approach the moment. I prefer creating a fun, relaxed atmosphere, but one where we can push the envelope. I am very kind and sweet, but I am not afraid to make decisions and take control. Whether we are conversating over dinner at a nice restaurant or spending time behind closed doors you will feel completely fulfilled. Let me take you with me to live out your dreams. xoxo


  • Yoga
  • Dance
  • Poker
  • Comedy
  • Art
  • Fast cars
  • Fine dining



1 hour…600

1.5 hour…800 (recommended minimum for new clients)

2 hour…1000

If I have not seen you before you will need to fill out the verification form that can be found on my website. I can be contacted through e-mail and almost always respond the same day. Please respect my time, safety, and privacy because I will always do the same for you.