When I started working in this industry, I worked out of a house that had a beautiful space, with multiple semi-themed rooms and, outside of the play spaces, an unassuming, cozy atmosphere.  I thought that being so spoiled from the outset might have ruined me, but turns out that there are plenty of spaces who are more than willing to meet high expectations.

This past July, Mistress Justine Cross reached out to tell me about Dungeon West, the space she’s been running for about two years.  She saw the ads I had posted for when I was visiting Los Angeles, and invited me to check out her space as an option for rentals.  After giving me a small tour on my second day in town, I had several sessions at Dungeon West, which allowed me to try a variety of activities, available toys, and get a real feel for the space itself.

Let me pull a Ted Mosby and share the pros and cons of Dungeon West:


-Wide Open Spaces

Dungeon West is a huge open space with a high ceiling, leaving lots of room to move around comfortably.  I never felt like I had to worry about what I was about to run into when I was focusing on my client. I’ve worked in several small spaces before, and as a clumsy person, having to worry about maneuvering in a constricted area while trying to give my full attention to my client can be disastrous. Even if my clients never picked up on that frustration, having the problem completely removed from the situation made my sessions feel significantly better.

In the middle of the space, are several large black curtains hung on wires which means that with just a tug, the room can be divided into parts, and nearly all of the furniture is moveable, meaning the space was really mine to use as I saw fit. I could change it as I needed to accommodate my session as needed.

-The Decor

There is a photo installation of gorgeous women in latex in the entryway above the guest book where folks can sign in and express gratitude for their experience. The entryway couch is a comfortable place to have a pre-session negotiation with a client, and it is easy to take a few steps over to the fridge in the small kitchen area and grab them a water bottle from the fully-stocked fridge.

In the middle of the space, there are several standard pieces of BDSM furniture, as well as a carpet just begging to feel a  slave’s quivering knees. There is a large mirror that is perfect for making a submissive slut watch themselves be defiled, and best of all, there are several tool cabinets that are STUFFED with all the toys needed to do it.

The next area is the “bedroom” and bathroom. The four-poster bed, with two nightstands, offers a homey feel for those who prefer their kink to feel more in touch with their typical sexual experience. The bathroom is small, but fully stocked with everything a renter could need. Oh, but be warned: that sink water gets hot and has a tendency to splash. Wash carefully.

-The Toys

The selection was excellent, with lots of options for a standard session. They were easy to access, and incredibly easy to find. Bonus: The way that they are set up is slightly hidden, so the submissive will never really get a chance to see what is coming.

-The Privacy

When a provider plays at Dungeon West, they get the entire space to themselves. Unlike other spaces where the noises from other sessions can become distracting and where potentially bumping into another provider and her client is a possible inconvenience, Dungeon West allows the renter complete privacy.

-The Sound System

There is music available for renters if they haven't brought their own, and the sound system offers a high sound quality that offers some serious volume. There is nothing worse than renting a space and finding that all they have is a shitty boombox (made in 1999) that makes every CD skip. Also: Who carries CDs anymore? I want to be able to plug in my phone! Dungeon West has got their music game on lock.


-Daytime Ambiance (Or lack thereof)

There is a skylight in the space that doesn’t have any kind of curtain or shade to pull over it, meaning that a ton of sunlight shines into the middle of the space during the day. As someone who typically takes daytime sessions, this was kind of a bummer. Not being able to control the light even a little bit, definitely detracted from the sessions I had mid-afternoon, and in some ways, took away the magic that the atmosphere can create.

This may be largely related to the time of day: I am sure this isn’t an issue in the evenings, and in the morning (between 8-11ish), the light isn’t high enough for it to be a problem at all.

-The Heat

There is a small A/C unit and several fans, but it’s just not enough to combat the heat on a midsummer afternoon. Again, this issue could be avoided by scheduling around it, but as we all know, sometimes schedules are less accommodating than we wish they were. I had a latex worship session at 2:30 PM on a Sunday in July, and I was sweating so much that my heels were nearly soaked through by the end of the session. I had a constant bucket of sweat pouring down my legs.

-No Bathtub

Golden showers in a shower only are really more challenging than might be anticipated, and uh, well. Yeah.


Overall, Dungeon West is a space I would happily rent again without hesitation. The two main downsides to the space are easily manageable with the right scheduling, and in the scheme of things, are much less important to me than safety and cleanliness. Justine is extremely easy to work with, and makes booking appointments a painless process. I recommend checking it out for yourself.

Want to learn more about Mistress Justine Cross? There’s an interview with her over on Slixa Late Night! You can also keep up on Twitter: @DungeonWest  &  @Justineplays

Disclaimer: There was no discount or other compensation provided for this review.  These are my true and honest opinions based on my first-hand experience.