Integrity:  it’s always a hot topic in this fast-paced, both extremely human and unusually anonymous, industry. In client-companion relationships, both clients and companions have the space to test out different, better versions of themselves.

A  companion can don her persona and instantly become less timid and more  outspoken than her real world alter ego. She can be confident in her sexiness, irresistibly charming, beautifully empathetic, a conversationalist to be reckoned with. She can be all she wants to be, even as she is still working on having her persona’s strengths spill out into her everyday life.

A  client, stepping outside of his day-in-and-day-out social circles, can be bolder than usual, more sure of himself and his appeal. With his companion, his Clark Kent can be replaced by his Superman for a few hours, days, a week of the best fun. No self-consciousness required. Perhaps he’s normally shy? Not with his companion; with her he’s  dashing, so wonderfully alive, and passionate about life. Perhaps he normally has to be buttoned up and in charge? Not with his companion; she takes the lead to give him an exciting, hot, interesting experience  he doesn’t have to create and he won’t be soon to forget.

It’s  wonderful. It’s liberating. It’s healthy. It’s arguably necessary, especially for those who don’t have the time for or interest in  traditional romance and conventional relationships.

It  also creates an opening for bad actors. It creates a necessity for individuals to self-police their behavior, to be prosocial, and to act with integrity. Always.

In  the best cases, this unique attribute of the industry lends a dreamlike  quality to all of our interactions. Companion dates are simultaneously a decadent indulgence, pleasurable therapy, self-improvement sessions, and the ultimate RPG.

In  the worst case, this same attribute perverts the dreamland into a shadowland. Without social repercussions keeping clients in line, bad behaviors like failure to follow through with bookings, the infamous ‘no  call, no show,’ and generally treating very human companions as subhuman can surface.

Without  a regulatory body monitoring business practices for companions, unprofessional behavior, dips in quality of service, lack of  punctuality, and even failure to follow through on agreed upon dates can  mar the entire industry. Lawyers have the bar association, doctors have  medical boards, traders have FINRA and the SEC, but we have just  ourselves.

We  have to do better. On both sides of the interaction, it is our  responsibility to ourselves and to each other to always act with the  utmost integrity during our time in this industry.

In  other parts of our lives, we can slack now and then. We shouldn’t, but because our actions will be corrected by our bosses, by society, or by  governing bodies, we can. Given the absence of reliable, impartial  regulation in this industry, we don’t have that same leeway.

We have to act with integrity. Always.

Bad behavior by companions begets bad behavior by clients. Bad behavior by clients begets bad behavior by companions. One individual’s slip can set off a spiral that ruins this entire beautiful, wonderful, pleasurable thing for all of us.

If  a companion disappears with a deposit, clients will feel less comfortable providing deposits in the future, making it difficult for  honest companions to keep their business running. If a client protests  prophylactics, providers will feel less safe during dates in the future  and will be distracted by worry, instead of fully in the moment with  their clients.

Every bad action makes the industry less wonderful. You have the softest  sweater and every time you don’t hold yourself accountable to a high  standard, you’re pulling a string from the seam. Soon enough, the whole thing unravels.

We have to act with integrity. Always.