As an adult entertainer or escort to a couples fantasy, you are there to fill that gap in between, while they are there to do the hard limits of intimacy. How great is that? Pretty fantastic if it goes well!

What does it mean to be a private entertainer? Well - It can mean going dancing. Or private lap dances at a weekend getaway at a hotel near their home or near a casino in Las Vegas. It can be going to dinner and playing a lot of footsy under the table with a little bit of extra skin showing to distract everyone's attention. It can be some wine and a long drawn out sensuous massage. It can be that oh so close exchange in "tease and denial". It can be a fem dom on fem fantasy bad girl moment. It can be much more. It can be whatever you all are in for ...

So - with that in mind - just a few things:

1. Couples new to having an entertainer may have a lot of fantasies, though they may not know where lies their actual comfort level. Always get the wife aside to discreetly (and quickly) determine where HER interests are at - then pretend to let the husband lead the show. Well - You know what I mean - Go with the flow yet go slow!

2. Couples experienced in having an entertainer engage their fantasies usually know exactly what they want. Find that out. If you are good with it, go with it. If you are not, be honest. Suggest a more mature entertainer or see if you can do a double with a friend who can fulfill the aspects of the situation you might not be comfortable with - some fantasies are more involved and interactive than others.

3. Never assume you are there to service the husband's interests. That is the wife's role. Period. As an entertainer you may get him all hot and heavy into it, though don't ever finish the evening off. That's probably more than obvious, though if you are having fun, drinking a little bit, caught up in the moment - that line may fade. Don't let it. Stay focused on the fantasy. You are there to fulfill their interests, though you control it.

If everyone has a good time - you may see them again. Couples who like to include adult private companions into their seasonal fantasies may become more than clients. They may truly become long time, occasion friends.