Arguably one of America's most liberal cities, Babylon-by-the-Bay has served as a safe haven for sexual explorers for decades. Any guidebook will give you a long list of things to do in San Francisco, but the tips below are slightly off the beaten path. After all, most guidebooks play it a little safe.

Let’s kick off your experience in Babylon with a little light bondage at Bondage A Go Go.  Coined “The Sadistic Disco In Sin City,” the club is actually a fetish-themed dance party that's been going on since 1993. Though not for everyone, Bondage A Go Go serves as a dark slice of heaven for creative types, fetishists, burners, and the open-minded.

It's held every Wednesday night in one the city's top nightclub spots ~ The Cat Club (1190 Folsom Street), located in the South of Market area of downtown San Francisco. Please note that the club observes a minimum dress code:  Either all black or formal, with no nudity or sexual activity allowed.  Guests are strongly encouraged to avoid street clothes or any form of sports/athletic attire, and alcohol is available.

The goal of Bondage A Go Go is to serve as a welcoming and safe starting point to explore fetish play. You’re encouraged to move along to more "private locations" for actual exploration. Doors open promptly at 9:30 PM and it runs until 2:30 AM.

If a dance club doesn’t sound like your type of scene, never fear - this city truly offers something for everyone. If you’re looking for more of a strip club experience, then you’ll find yourself right at home at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club.  Yes, the same renegade publisher that launched Hustler Magazine in the 70’s.

Flynt has created a safe, relaxing space to have a drink (or if you're feeling particulary decadent, perhaps a bottle of champagne), enjoy dinner, and take in a show featuring the beautiful erotic dancers better known as the "Hustler Honeys".

Variety truly is the spice of life. For an experience not to be missed, I can think of none better than Asia SF. The creation of Larry Hashbarger and Skip Young, this landmark restaurant and bar is viewed by locals as the ultimate San Francisco experience and a true celebration of diversity.

The star-quality menu specializes in California Asian Fusion cuisine, featuring signature items like Baby Got Back Ribs and Asia-dillias (duck quesadillas). The true stars of Asia SF won’t be found on your plate, however, but on the stage ~ meet the world famous gender illusionists! Keep in mind these aren’t your typical waiters, and this isn't your typical restaurant. These beautiful and talented Ladies of AsiaSF are true entertainers that love what they do. Each Lady of Asia has her own signature drink, and the oversized cocktails are made with top-shelf sake. Asia SF is feast for the eyes, the tummy, and your creative spirit.  Definitely an Asian experience not to be missed.

For a more discreet and elegant dining experience, check out Our Gourmet Life. Based on the principle "A feast for all five senses", your experience begins the moment you enter the private dining space. The setting? Think Stanley Kubrick’s controversial film “Eyes Wide Shut”, but for dinner. The room's ambience sets the stage for your dining experience, complete with a candle lit dining area and carefully selected music.

Upon arrival you’ll be greeted by a seductively attired server holding a silver tray filled with glasses of sparkling champagne. Wearing a black mask and a sleek black and white modern french maid outfit, the server's garments are gradually removed throughout dinner service.

The menu consisting of five to ten courses based on traditional French cuisine.  Several of the courses are thoughtfully paired with wine preselected by the chef. Non-alcoholic options and special dietary needs are honored upon request when you place your reservation.

Interaction among diners is encouraged, but please note that this is an erotic dining experience, not a sexual one. Touching is permission-based and is allowed above the waist only. The dress is "come as you are". Your fellow diner could be wearing anything from a designer ball gown, jeans, or a latex catsuit.

The introductory dinner is $100 per person without wine pairings or $160 per person with wine pairings. 

Have you ever fantasized about visiting an actual adult film set? Want to see what a 50-gallon drum of lube looks like?For the ultimate kinky experience you have to check out the tour.  Housed in a 200,000 square foot Moorish Castle, this Mission district landmark building once functioned as the city's official Armory for the National Guard and is the current home to

Spread out over five floors, offers daily 90-minute guided tours. You’ll see the actual sets and dark dungeons where they film their intense and popular BDSM videos.  You'll even visit the freshwater creek that runs through the basement of the building. Total cost is only $25! Visit the website to see the current schedule.

After your tour, head across the street to the Armory Club (entrance located at 1799 Mission Street @ 14th) for drinks before dinner or a quick nosh before anight of play. Visit the website for hours and bar menu.

Looking to have your first public sex adventure? Want to explore (or simply watch) some kinky new experiences?   It’s all available here  at The Power Exchange.  Offering a wide variety of play areas, dungeons, and  fantasy rooms, this is the place to let your hair down and your inhibitions run wild.  Located in San Francisco’s “seedy” part of the town (known by locals as the Tenderloin), your experiences here may vary depending upon the day and time of your visit, and your expectations. I highly suggest going with an open mind. Going strong for over three decades, Good Vibrations (or Good Vibes as it’s known by locals) prides itself on providing high quality products and educational resources that promote sexual health, pleasure, and empowerment. Good Vibes provides a safe and welcoming environment where customers can shop for sex toys, books, and movies. They also provide an extensive variety of workshops and classes covering all sorts of topics.

Not to be missed is The Antique Vibrator Museum, which is located at the Polk Street Good Vibes. The museum is the creation of Joani Blank, the company's founder and author of the book Good Vibrations: New Complete Guide To Vibrators. Blank has amassed an impressive collection of antique vibrators over the past 20 years - some of them dating back to the late 1800’s. For more information about the Museum, or to book a personalized tour with curator Dr. Carol Queen, email:

Find yourself in need of a Neoprene Woof Muzzle, Straight Jacket, or Leather Sleepsack? Fancy bringing home some locking bondage socks or a Chastity Cock Cage? Whatever your need, if it’s on the kinky side and it’s male-oriented, you’ll find everything you’re looking for and a whole lot more at Mr. S Leather. Finally, if today’s suggestions have left you curious but not quite ready to explore the sexy side of the city on your own, you can always opt for a guided tour.  Listed as San Francisco’s Sexual Culture Tour highlights include a cultural lesson on the free love movement known as "Summer of Love" that put the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood on the map, a visit to the vibrator museum, a private tour of the largest sex club in the world (before opening hours). To learn more and to make reservations visit Sex In The City Tours.

If you are looking for other sexy things to do in California, check out Sexy In The City: Los Angeles.