One of the things we like to do on the Slixa Blog is to highlight the voices, thoughts, and experiences of the incredible community of advertisers we are privileged to know and serve. We've featured a ton of thoughtful and important content from our advertisers and contributors this year, but we don't usually have a chance to shout out our favorite authors in their own spaces.

Earlier in December, we sent out an email asking for suggestions about the best escort/sex worker/BDSM pro blogs and writers, and we were overwhelmed with the response. We've gathered the best of the best here (in no particular order), and tried to provide a tiny taste of what readers can expect. Without further ado:

Slixa's Picks for the Best Escort Blogs of 2019

Elite Nina Rose – Personal musings about dating and guides to favorite restaurants and specialties.

Shae Ashbury – Thoughtful examinations of industry status quo and personal experiences.

Charlie Ford – Detailed analysis and insightful commentary about industry life and who Charlie Ford really is.

Jessie Lim – Colorful and energetic personal stories about travel and life.

Seductive Storm – Personal stories, business advice, and confident takes on industry life and challenges.

Lauren Stone – Collection of gentile tips and advice for having a perfect experience with a professional.

Amie Petite – Prose bordering on poetry about escort and full service work and personal experiences.

Ruby Enraylls – An intimate and picturesque look at BDSM life tailored to curious submissives.

Clarity Monroe – Photos, personal stories, and behind the scenes details from a New Orleans BDSM pro.

Emille Oxford – Stern, strict, and in command, Emille's blog reflects Her Domme personality. Musings on work experiences and interactions with Her slaves.

Isobel Andrews – Detailed and well-researched advice and information about the work of sex work.

Ashley Shye – Quick and clever stories about Ashley's life and interests.

Lilith Gilman – Personal musings about travel and occasional industry-related experiences.

Aviva Anders – Thoughtful suggestions for things to try and places one might visit with a guide like Aviva.

Cora Livingston – Revealing personal turns about industry experience and private adventures.

Amy Taylor – Amy's personal thoughts and feelings about a variety of issues are yours, for a price. But you'll have to join her private site to see it all.

Amelia Swann – Beautifully formatted and filled with personal insight and experience, Amelia's blog is also a showcase for some of her best photos as well.

Anneke Van Buren – Stories and adventures from Anneke's personal and work lives, with regular updates about her travels and plans.

Ramona Ryder – Colorful and decadent glimpses into Ramona's rock and roll lifestyle.

Estelle Lucas – Sporadically updated, but thoughtfully written pages about Estelle's journey and uniquely Aussie perspective on sex work issues.  

Priya Rainelle – A blog as beautifully constructed as its curator, The Apres Hours features Priya's guides to travel, restaurants, and life.

Mistress Jade Thunderstorm – Detailed and thoughtful musings about Domme life crafted with an authoritarian and commanding tone.

Olivia Twist – Consistent and thoughtful posts about Olivia's life and the things she loves.

Danielle Evans – Danielle's intimate thoughts about her work and the best ways to approach escorts.

Natalie Hepburn – Intelligent, nearly artisanal-seeming crumbs of what spending extended time in Natalie's presence might be like.

Asha Fox – Detailed and delicious bits of fiction pared with real thoughts and feelings about life experiences and industry topics.

Seductive Storm – Expert industry advice and reads, combined with candid photos and thoughtful personal stories.

If you have a blog you'd like included for next year's list, please give us a shout! If you're interested in contributing to the Slixa Blog in 2020, instructions for how to pitch and how we pay can be found here.

We hope you'll pick up one or two (or more!) of these blogs to follow in the year ahead.

The Slixa Team