Do you really know where your leads are coming from? We offer you some helpful tips to optimize your conversion tracking. Unlike most industry sites,Slixa allows outbound links in your profile to sites other than your own website. We do this so you can better market yourself from your Slixa profile. We believe in giving you more control over the way you want to present yourself. We want to enhance your brand, not require you to conform to some arbitrary and stifling set of rules. This also means you might have to do a little detective work to track your conversions.

For example, many entertainers link to verification sites, review sites, twitter, etc. Slixa offers you a comprehensive performance tracking environment to keep track of your visitor behavior and to determine what outgoing links your visitors are clicking on. We don’t just give you one number for all your outgoing links, we break down exactly how many viewers clicked and on what.

Our comprehensive performance stats include:

  • How many views on your profile
  • How many clicked on your phone number
  • How many clicked on your email
  • How many clicked on your website
  • How many clicked on the link to your review site
  • How many clicked on your twitter link
  • How many clicked on the link to your preferred verification site
  • How many clicked on (insert any other links)!

As you monitor your performance stats, you will start to see a significant number of visitors to your profile will go to one of these alternative links.This is very typical behavior. Our viewers are inquisitive and want to know all about you prior to reaching out. So, when people contact you and they say they found you on one of those sites, it could be quite possible that the lead originated from your Slixa profile and they just aren't mentioning that.

When there are outbound links to other sites (and some of those sites have further links the user might click on), it can be difficult to determine where the original lead came from. If the click starts from your Slixa profile and they end up visiting two to three sites before they land on your website or contact you, even they may have forgotten where they originally found you.

When speaking with a potential client, and asking the question "How did you find me?" and they mention one of the sites on your profile, a great follow-up question would be "Did you find me originally on Slixa and then go to that site?" We've found that when entertainers start asking this type of follow-up question, they are pleasantly surprised to learn that in fact, many of their inquiries are coming from Slixa.

We show you your results over a 30 day period so you can monitor changes, peaks and valleys. For instance, a new thumbnail image may get more clicks to your profile and content changes within your profile will often result in more clicks on your contact information.

Your performance stats can be accessed by clicking on the Performance tab on your dashboard when logged into your account and we also email you a summary of your stats weekly.

Other tips and tricks for tracking your leads:

If you have a website:

  • Installing Google Analytics will tell you where your website visitors are coming from. Google Analytics gives a generic overview of your site visitors and optionally real time info including IP address of your visitors and where on your site each visitor is clicking. Clicky is a great tool.
  • Using a heatmap on your website will tell you how your visitors are engaging your website. Here's a couple good ones:


  • Do you have a contact form on your website?

         You can add the question:

         “How did you find me?” or “Did you find me on Slixa?”

         Make sure to set it as a required answer for form submission.

         You may also want to input a drop-down menu that lists the places you advertise as a way to nudge a viewer into             responding.

                                 *Don’t have a website? We recommend Cuties Tools

If you don’t have a website:

  • Try using a different email address for each place you advertise and have those emails forwarded to your primary email account.

         For example:

We hope that you found the information above useful for tracking and determining where your booking leads are coming from. We are committed to your success and we’ll do everything we can on our end to ensure you get the best performance from your Slixa campaign. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at or call 1-855-GO-SLIXA (855-467-5492).