Slixa is Coming to Australia

We’ve spent the last few months at Slixa HQ doing some pretty intensive research about the adult entertainment community in Australia, and have been consistently blown away by the caliber of professional we’ve already come to associate with the land down under. That’s why we’re so excited to bring Slixa’s game-changing approach to these already incredible Aussie providers.

Slixa's [Abridged] History

In 2012, Slixa burst onto the scene as a revolutionary alternative to the grimy and sexist sites that dominated the landscape at that time. The tiny team of dedicated masterminds behind this new approach to adult advertising worked to incorporate the needs and wants of providers, and to find fresh ways to advocate for this vibrant and diverse community.

Over the next seven years, we got nominated for some awards, picked up some great press, and firmly established our unique place as the gold standard in adult dating, treating our advertisers with the respect and dignity these worldly entrepreneurs are due. We’re so excited to bring our game changing approach to serve the established New South Wales and Victoria markets.

With Slixa:

  • You pay the way you want: Slixa accepts Credit & Debit Cards and those with US based bank accounts can take advantage of the security-minded
  • You've got quick and simple photo verification: Slixa is renowned for having the highest percentage of verified escorts. Nothing reassures a potential client that you’re legit like knowing your photos show your true beauty and are not those of some internet catfish.
  • Ads start and stop on your schedule: Because of our unique Slixa Credit system, you never pay for days your ad isn’t live, and you can schedule the start and end of your ad runs up to a year in advance.
  • Knowledge is power: Easy to understand analytics maximize your ad spends by showing exactly how many visitors have seen your profile, and how many have clicked through to your website or contact information or social media accounts.
  • Someone's got your back: Our systems are made to be simple to navigate from your first signup to your first live ad. But sometimes there might be unique situations or questions to which you can’t find the answers, and that’s when our dedicated Support team is here to help. Email, live chat, or phone – whatever you prefer, Slixa's world-class customer service is here to get you up and running fast.

But You Don't Have to Take Our Word For It

As we open up Sydney and Melbourne (other Australian cities coming soon – we're open to your suggestions!), you're going to see how excited we are  to share and celebrate this dynamic and accomplished group of stars. And we know you're going to love being part of #TeamSlixa. Get in early to the party and give us a follow on Twitter and Instagram.

Check out Slixa in Melbourne and in Sydney!

Are you ready to try? For Aussie advertisers signing up for the first time, you can enjoy 60 days of Slixa's Basic ad – on the house. Simply create your Slixa profile, email, and we'll credit your account to get you started!

You'll be up and running in no time. 🦘

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