UPDATED April 2020:

Here at Slixa.com, we're constantly striving to offer the best experience to our site viewers and advertisers alike. Part of that work is staying up to date with changes in platforms and technology. As Twitter has evolved their policies over the last year or so, particularly as they relate to content bans or search restrictions (or even the mysterious and publicly denied shadowban), Slixa has been watching and deciding how best to alter the ways we engage in this space.

Sadly, last month our primary account was permanently suspended and we'll have to hustle in the weeks ahead to make sure pushing views toward your Slixa profiles. We've moved things over to our @slixaupdates account, and ceased all automated tweets (at Twitter's insistence). But we're devoted to continuing to celebrate Slixa's incredible advertisers and we'll print and mail postcards to do it, if that's what it comes down to!

Here are some tips for how best to engage with @slixaupdates on social media:

We don't mean to seem jealous

If you're hunting for a retweet or want to share your upcoming travel plans, consider a message that mentions @slixaupdates exclusively or links to your Slixa profile as well as your personal site. It's not that we don't play well with others, it's just that we like to think of you as ours alone.

Tell us what you're up to

Have you written an article or been interviewed for a site or publication recently? Do you have a new website or new photos/videos you want to share? Tour plans you're looking to book up before you ever take off? We love to know about that stuff. It can be as simple as "Hey @slixaupdates! Check out these hot new photos!" or even tagging us in your travel date messages. We'll find you!

Keep things 💯

Slixa's publishing standards extend out into our social presence as well. We hate the fact that we can't engage with photos or videos that don't adhere to these rules, but for now, that's how it is. Please don't take it personally – we already know how beautiful you are!

What do you like?

Everybody enjoys a compliment now and then. If there are features or functions of our platform that help you succeed, we'd love to know about that. Word of mouth is often the best indicator of when we're getting it right. If you're sharing some praise for us, mention @slixaupdates by name so we can get a little warm fuzzy for a minute about hitting our mark.

What do you like less?

In a perfect world, everyone would have exactly the experience with our site they desired. But we know it doesn't always work that way. If you find a bug, or can't understand how to use a particular feature, reaching out to help@slixa.com is the best way to ensure we can see and address it quickly.  Our social media accounts aren't set up to rapidly address customer service issues and we don't want to make you wait for the help you deserve.

Show us off and up your stats

There's nothing we want more than for you to be so proud to be a #SlixaGirl that you share the link to your profile on your own account. We love that love and we love to retweet things we love! Mention @slixaupdates so we're sure to spot you and share your glory with all of our followers.

At the end of the day, the best thing we can do on social media is show all the ways we are proud to serve this community and highlight the vibrant and varied stripes of Providers out here making it happen.

Thank you for being a part of Slixa.