Wooooof. What a bumpy 24 hours. From that terrifying Oval Office address where the US President twiddled his thumbs and struggled to read out loud, to the NBA suspending its season, to Coachella getting rescheduled and the restriction of entry to the US from EU countries. Organizations and institutions are reacting in a big (and cautious) way. That's probably partly a good thing, as stressful as all of this might seem.

One place that's not known for cautious reactions, though, is Twitter. I personally do everything I can to keep the broader Twitter community out of my sights by strategically blocking and muting all the worst nonsense. Sex Work twitter is really where it's all at, anyway. And it should come as little surprise that escorts are taking it all in stride (as much as possible). Folks out here sharing reasonable, and informed opinions, seeking input or experience from others, and working to take care of one another, is how my timeline looks even on the best days.

But when there's a crisis afoot... well... they just keep doing that. Here's a rundown of some of the best reactions and info posts from SW Twitter:

Some people were just looking for info on how others were doing and how they could help.

And folks were glad to share what they'd been experiencing:

Some were quick to work to transform a challenge into opportunity:

Some found the lighter side of the stress (without needing to diminish or ignore the seriousness):

And, because this is a collection of folks who have HAD to take care of themselves and each other in the face of stigma, shame, and endless challenges to their very ability to work without being harmed, there was lots of rational information sharing:

Some people just wanted to let you know that they love you and that there's stuff you can be doing, even if it might not feel like much in the big picture.

These are real weird times for all of us. It's so important to arm yourself with real information (and clean hands), and to take care of others, if you have the bandwidth and resources to do so. Even if that just means offering support on Twitter or amplifying the help requests of others.

And also wash your hands. 🧼👏


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