The importance of simple cosmetics can be easy to forget between balancing the entrepreneurial and entertainment aspects of escort jobs, but it’s key to both. The right make-up can be both a kind of branding and a way of slipping into a sultrier persona. Below are the top five things to consider when slapping it on:

1. A+ effort is a must. Above all else, never forget that looking put together is a crucial part of your work. Occasionally a client might ask you to go au naturale, but for the most part, men are paying for the full feminine package. However you choose to go about that is ultimately up to you, but make it look like you spent time getting ready. Even when you’re running late for an appointment, you can still throw on some lipstick and mascara; most men will assume you’re wearing a full face of make-up if they see those few obvious touches, and they’ll appreciate the effort.

2. You don’t want smudges, except for when you do. For a lot of us, being caught with messy make-up is a major no-no. Nothing puts a kink in a dominatrix’s swagger like lipstick on the teeth, and gooey eye-make-up at dinner can be an embarrassment for a VIP escort. Sometimes, though, smudged eyeliner after a particularly intense meeting can be hot! It can lend a vulnerable aura to a pro-sub, provide proof that a dominatrix really let loose, and add some extra authenticity to an escort’s encounters. Just make sure the smudging happens at the appropriate time. Otherwise you’re better off avoiding it all together by starting off with foundation and powder and using waterproof cosmetics.

3. Always bring some back-up. Zits have a way of sneaking up on you, but concealer isn't the only thing you should always have handy. Bring whatever make-up you're wearing with you. That way, if your mascara does run after a little physical exertion or your lipstick simply comes off on the wine glass, you can re-apply and keep your professional veneer. You want to make sure you look as made-up coming out of an appointment as you did going in for practical purposes as well. That brings us to how you should…

4. Keep discretion in mind! Just as Superman puts on his glasses to keep his identity a secret, you can wipe off the heavy make-up to blend into the crowd of businesswomen when doing an outcall. Since you’ll have that back-up lipstick with you from point 3, you’ll be able to apply your make-up once you’ve arrived. This is especially crucial for pro-dommes, who often slather it on the thickest so it can be seen in dim dungeon lighting.

5. Consider a signature style, but play around with your look. It can be a great bit of branding to have a signature cosmetic flourish, especially if you work for an agency or a house. Get them talking about the girl with fuschia lipstick or green glitter eyes! Just don’t get too set in your ways. Clients appreciate variety, and after putting on your make-up like a uniform day after day, so will you! Try a new shade or simply a new method of application every few months to keep things interesting.