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There are so many different escort directories out there, and it seems as though a new Backpage Alternative or clone is popping up every other day or so. It can be tricky to know who to rely on, and which should be avoided altogether. It's worth noting that many Craigslist or Backpage-like sites use unscrupulous scraping practices to fill their sites with ads featuring people who have no idea they're being displayed there. These types of directories are hotbeds for fakes and catfish, even when they purport to feature "verified" users.

But what about long-standing and well-regarded sites like Scarlet Blue [scarletblue.com.au] ? Should viewers trust what they're seeing? And should advertisers believe they'll be treated with respect and have their private information protected? Let's find out how Scarlet Blue stacks up against Slixa in some important areas:

  • Customer Service and Support
  • Design and Presentation
  • Verified Images and Profiles
  • Money Back Promise

Scarlet Blue Customer Service and Support  vs. Slixa

Slixa is already widely regarded as having the easiest customer support team to work with. Available by phone, live chat, or email whenever someone needs help with navigating the system or just making the most of their ad buys, users will speak to a real person, and your success is all they're worried about. They're glad to walk users through Slixa's various Verification applications, too, so your profile stands out as a leader.

Scarlet Blue offers customer service by email, but users will need some kind of translation service to understand their replies. On top of messages addressed to incorrect usernames, replies are reportedly difficult to understand in general, and appear to be issued by operators with a tenuous grasp of English.

Who even IS Tiffany Top, Scarlet Blue?

Scarlet Blue ❌

Slixa  ✅

Scarlet Blue Design and Presentation vs. Slixa

Slixa's claim to fame when we started out back in 2012 was a clean, crisp design that platformed our advertisers front and center. No grimy, grungy looking layouts with low res images and banner ads for boner pills here. We've worked to maintain that style as we've evolved over the years, and still believe that keeping Slixa Girls center stage is the best thing we can do.

Scarlet Blue is certainly no slouch in the design department, either. While their site can be a little cumbersome on mobile, and challenging to navigate at first on desktop, it is quite clean and minimalist, offering advertisers the chance to shine, rather than being weighed down by an oppressive site design.

Scarlet Blue ✅

Slixa  ✅

Scarlet Blue Verified Images and Profiles vs. Slixa

Slixa is known for authentic and real providers who have established presences online and in real life. With the highest number of Photo Verified advertisers of almost any site available, Slixa.com has earned the trusted reputation we carry. Site viewers know that if they see a blue verified checkmark beside an advertiser's image that they can view the exact date that photo was verified, and feel confident that they look as stunning in real life as they do in their Slixa profile.

Slixa also has a strict no agencies policy, and no account or profile sharing. Everyone appearing on Slixa.com intends to be there.

Scarlet Blue has gained a reputation over the last year for letting agencies post on behalf of advertisers. We don't know if this is true, but the number of mentions of this on message boards and Twitter suggests it's likely happening. Which means the person you meet in real life, may be the one in the photos, or it may not. Even if the profile (confusingly) suggests "photos verified."

Note: Scarlet Blue does not define how they verify images, or when that verification took place. Caveat emptor.

Scarlet Blue ❌

Slixa  ✅

Scarlet Blue Money Back Promise vs. Slixa

Since Slixa's inception, we've offered new advertisers 30 day guarantee if what we offer simply doesn't work for them. It's right on our Tour page:

"We’re so positive that you’ll love us that we back it up with a guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your advertising on Slixa, we will refund a full 30 days of your Slixa Basic ad. Certain restrictions apply. See our FAQ for more details."

A google search of scarletblue.com.au resulted in only one mention of the word "guarantee"

Scarlet Blue ❌

Slixa  ✅

We know there are lots of choices out there and what's more important than bragging about our site features or trusted reputation is that you find the one that brings you the connections you're after. We want your experience to be phenomenal, even if it isn't with us.

(But we sure hope it will be!)

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