This review was written by my friend Matt Cornell about the time we tested my Love Bites Gloves, provided by the, Enjoy!

I got my start with kink as many folks do, by playing with wooden spatulas, clothespins and other things you might find in a kitchen drawer. Utility has always been more important to me than aesthetics. And while I love the look and feel of leather, it's not essential for my enjoyment.

For this reason, I'm delighted by Love Bites, which give me everything I like in vampire gloves, but without some of the drawbacks of leather. With traditional leather vampire gloves, cleaning is tricky. If you break the skin, you may not be able to see any blood on the black leather. You also can't really wash them (you can sterilize with alcohol, but the material is still porous), so even if you play safe, a pair of leather vampire gloves is probably best used with a fluid-bonded partner. Love Bites are made of washable fabric. They can be turned inside out and thrown in a washing machine, where hot soap and water will make them as good as new.

Another advantage: because they're made of stretchy knit fabric, Love Bites are one-size-fits-all. This is especially important if you're buying them as a gift, as it takes the guesswork out of sizing. It's also more fun when it comes to playing, because it means anyone in a scene can try them on.

I got my chance a little over a month ago, when I was invited to try out a pair with my friend K. She put them on her hands and rubbed my back with them. The spikes were pointy, but not painful. The slower, more precise strokes sent shivers up my back. She made faster, circular motions on my back. These were more intense and felt like tiny fingernails scratching my back all at once. I didn't like this sensation as much, but it never broke my skin. Then I asked her to stroke my beard with the gloves. This was a neat sensation, like lots of tiny combs working their way through my bushy beard. I loved this part! - Mama K

Later, she placed the gloves on my upper thighs and eventually used the spiky surface to swat at my balls, which were still somewhat protected by boxer briefs. I liked this sensation best of all. If I were feeling more bold, I probably would have taken off my underwear and asked her to cup my balls and squeeze. Love Bites would make a great addition to any CBT play. A particularly cruel scene would be to make your sub masturbate while wearing them.

After she tried them on me, I got my turn. The gloves fit, well... like a glove. They're basically snug, fuzzy mittens with little metal teeth on them. I tried them on her back and neck and even did some light spanking. It was fun.

I'm sure leather looks a bit sexier, but hell, I was only wearing knit boxers to begin with. Besides, the most important ingredient to a good time is having a fun, sexy partner to play with. If you've got one, try these on for size. I promise they'll fit.

Love Bites are 100% Vegan, Washable and Reusable. Available online starting at just $20.

Many thanks to @MattCornell my product testing buddy and willing subject and @Serenesin for providing these Love Bites Gloves in exchange for our honest review.