As the Director of Community Outreach and Relationships, part of my job is to oversee and drive sponsorships, charitable giving and logistical support for community based organizations, events and initiatives and to center the voice of the community through our blogs and in our decision making. At Slixa, we support the community, especially if we are asking the community to support us by choosing us as their advertising platform. We believe this is common sense and some find our way of doing things progressive. In fact, Slixa was nominated for the upcoming XBiz 2014 awards for Progressive Web Company of the Year.

With that in mind, I wanted to let you know the ways in which we have supported the community over the last 3 years:

Speaking of blogs…

Did you know:

- 85% of our writers are current or former entertainers

- another 10% are individuals with a history in the trade such as allies or support people

- and 5% are writers whose focus is sex culture in general

On Slixa Under Cover, we have an extensive list of information and articles pertaining to better business practices, how-tos, self care, and even product and media reviews that were all written primarily by providers for providers.

On Slixa Late Night, we have informative and education articles that are written by providers for clients to help make the whole process easier and to give more info about what is happening in the industry, with some fun historical and sex industry news thrown into the mix.

We have allocated all of our direct charitable funds for 2015; however, we are still able to highlight community organizations and their events through our blogs.

We are now looking towards 2016. I can't say right at this moment how much or what we will be able to give, but what I can tell you is that a part of every dollar you spend with us will be put back into the community at large through direct charitable contributions, sponsorship of community events, and by information sharing through our blogs.

Even though we are a new company (Slixa is not even 3 years old!), we have done extraordinary things in regards to supporting the community and we will continue to do so. Stepping up for the community has always been a part of Slixa. As we grow, so will our ability to give back.

If there are other organizations, projects, or events we should have our eye on, please let me know. We have limited resources, but we want to offer what we have and continue to support our community in a meaningful way. Not only do we want to be the best place on the web for you to advertise, we also want to be a company you can turn to for financial and other support for important community works.

Donia Christine
Director of Community Outreach and Relationships