At a time when there is more information available to us, from every possible viewpoint and from any platform or group that decides they know best, one of the hardest things can be me making sense of it all.

Kate D'Adamo has been at the forefront of Sex Workers rights advocacy for the better part of a decade, working as a policy advocate for the Sex Workers Project at the Urban Justice Center, as well as half a dozen other roles in front and behind the scenes. She is uniquely qualified to offer an informed perspective on news and issues surrounding the Service Provider community, and to help unpack complicated goings on.

Kate's Account is a weekly feature at the Slixa Blog, offering a round up of the week's news, insight on current events, and opportunities for you (yeah, you!) to get involved directly. She'll be tracking the progress of groups like Decrim New York – who are on the forefront of the movement to decriminalize – as well as addressing political commentary from candidates and pundits alike.

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Who is Kate D'Adamo?

Kate Dβ€˜Adamo is a long-time Sex Worker rights advocate with a focus on economic justice, anti-policing and incarceration, and public health. Previously, she was the National Policy Advocate at the Sex Workers Project at the Urban Justice Center focusing on laws, policies and advocacy focused on folks who trade sex, including the criminalization of sex work, anti-trafficking policies, and HIV-specific laws.

Prior to that, Kate was a community organizer and advocate with the Sex Workers Outreach Project and Sex Workers Action New York. In this role, she developed programming to promote community building, provided peer support and advanced political advocacy to support the rights and well-being of people engaged in the sex trade both on and off the job. She holds degrees from both California Polytechnic State University and The New School.

You can follow Kate on Twitter at @katedadamo