Welcome back! This is the second half of this series on exploring how entertainers possess such aplomb, even while existing as wonderfully flawed human beings. Continue reading for two more tips on how to feel just as handsome as you are.

Escorts and adult entertainers know better than anyone that even men can feel overwhelmed with concerns about whether they are attractive and desirable. Their desire to be strong, confident men keeps them from sharing these worries with anyone, and can seriously affect their romantic lives.

Part of being an entertainer requires the confidence and grace that comes with being comfortable with your own skin. As a plus-size dominatrix, I have had to learn how to feel good about myself, even when it wasn’t easy. Operating in a world where your beauty isn't conventional, and insisting that you are eye-candy anyway takes skill and practice. Once you know the tips and tricks, it becomes easier to do every day.

3. Find the clothing that makes you feel like you.

Although Joan Rivers would have you believe that there is only one acceptable way to dress, it is less about fashion, and more about when you feel the most you. Explore what you feel the most comfortable in. When do you feel like you are best representing yourself? What clothes make you the man?

Although concern about clothing is often unfairly dismissed as frivolous and feminine (side note: Bull shit!), understanding what fits you well and what matches with how you want to present yourself can make a world of difference. Think of it as wearing the costume of you at your finest.

While most of the time I love meeting with clients, I still have mornings where it is tough to kick myself into gear. Dark secret, gentlemen: There are days I wake up and don’t feel like The Ultimate Brunette Bombshell, ready to tantalize and torture.

The best way to elicit those feelings from within me is to take the time to transform. I slowly put on my makeup, finishing it off with my go-to bloody, berry-colored lipstick. I slowly put on my stockings, and carefully secure the garters from my vintage panties. I slip a dress over my black lace lingerie, and slip my heels on. Divine.

Now that is Aradia.

Some men find themselves in French cuffs and stylish cufflinks while others find themselves best fitted in blazers and jeans. Whatever your “costume” is, wear it and wear it well. The only real style necessities are that your clothes are clean and that they fit you well. That’s it!

4. Fake it til’ you make it.

Some days, there is nothing that is going to help you feel better about your body. Some days are just bad hair days. Period. The best thing you can do until these feelings pass is remember that these bad feelings you have about your body are your jerkbrain taking over. They can be temporary if you let them be, and they don’t actually have anything to do with how other people see you.

Put on a fighting face, and you may be surprised at how good it makes you feel.

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