Reading lingerie blogs keeps me up to date on the latest styles and information about popular trends and new deals, but when it comes down to it sometimes we all just want to find lingerie that is sexy, comfortable and within our price range.

One lingerie blog that I highly recommend is the Lingerie Addict. With so much to see and learn, I'm really just scratching the surface in this post. Simultaneously tapping into deals and drooling over luxury styles.

Expressing your sexy secret escort style with lingerie is one way to feel sensual all day long. It's also the perfect surprise for a lover or playmate. Keep it spicy with some new underthings that fit your budget, and are sure to intensify your playtime or your next photo shoot.

Get sexy for $30 or less:

Get a little more for up to $60:

Don't forget the Stockings and Gloves!

Want More? Sexy Plus Size Lingerie at

Large Breasts:

Finally, here are some more of my favorite sites for ogling lingerie luxury:(These are links for when someone wants to spoil you!)

Are you inspired to find a sexy new outfit for your next encounter? Tell me on twitter @mistressoftheob: what's your favorite lingerie indulgence?