Stuff, Stuff, and more stuff!

Personal Favorites:

To try to contain the chaos that could happen I typically limit myself to a toy-dedicated makeup bag, one large enough to carry full sized brushes, that I can fill with pocket sized toys when I’m planning a night devoted to my own kinks.

The items I carry include:

Condoms and Packets of Lube: My personal favorites are Crown and Kimono brand condoms because of their durability combined with that “barely there” feel, as well as Sliquid Silk lubricant.

Gloves and Dental Dams: I’m a big fan of safer sex and using barriers in my personal life, having been accused by friends of handing out condoms like candy. I always carry a couple pairs of disposable nitrile gloves and flavored dental dams, making sure all my bases are covered so to speak.

My trusty pair of nipple clamps or clothes pins: Nothing spices up the night like a little light S and M. Clamps with soft grips can also help hold your packets of lube and condoms neatly together in your bag so you don’t have to go digging out your toys to find the right packet you’re looking for.

Vibrator: I’m a fan of no frills multi-speed wands, like the Doc Johnson Velvet Touch vibrators, a personal preference from wanting to vary the speed of the vibration instead of changing the vibration all together like some multi-setting vibrators do. The vibe isn’t just for me, some vibrators can make great introductory toys for boys. Just make sure if you share your vibrator is made of non-porous easily disinfected material like medical grade silicone, or easy to wrap up with a condom.

Six Feet of Paracord: A bondage enthusiast,I always want something bind with but always felt a little bad knotting creases into my boyfriends’ ties or ruining a pair of stockings, so this is where some lightweight 6mm paracord from my local army surplus comes in handy. It comes in many diameters and plenty of bright colors, some of my favorites being hot pink and dayglo green. Six feet coils down neatly, taking up about as much room in a purse as corset laces, but is long enough for some basic restraints or cock and ball bondage to get you through a hot night and cheap enough you won’t feel bad cutting it with safety scissors in an emergency.

My Pro Must-Haves:

It's amazing how tightly I can cram toys and my indispensable professional favorites into my dungeon party bag.

When I’m packing for a tour, fetish event or shoot, I often find myself agonizing over which whips, paddles and restraints to bring with over the countless other costumes and gear I could use, and try to stuff several last minute pairs of stockings in a side pocket, just in case. Though it may take me a day or more to decide how to pack my bag, some basics are there to stay. I want to share the items that have permanent residence in my toy bag because they can make a difference in your own performance.

Rubber Bands and Hair Elastics - The versatility of rubber bands and hair elastics is as endless as your imagination. Useful for the obvious basics like binding canes together for a makeshift humbler and pulling your hair out of your face while touching up makeup, rubber bands can also be a pervertible item, used to flick and tease your submissives.

Make Up Wipes - Even if my makeup kit comes with me to a shoot, I carry another pack of make up wipes in my toy bag, a shoot or fetish event wouldn’t feel complete without removing my make up and changing into street clothes when it’s over.

Disinfectant Spray and Wipes - Having ready to use, clean and shareable equipment is one of the top priorities of a BDSM professional. Having a pack of disinfectant wipes and spray that are compatible with your various tools at the ready is ideal for clean up before packing your bag again at the end of the day.

Sewing Kit - Sometimes our favorite fetish wear fails us mid-shoot, and we have so sew ourselves back into a skirt, or perform emergency mending on a popped corset stay. Having a little box of needles and thread in the most common colors you wear can keep the scene from being scrapped over a busted zipper.

A Box of Gloves - Having gloves of your own can ensure you have the right material and fit for your scene, and sometimes save you from having to play without if your shoot or event location is fresh out.

First Aid Kit - Bring a small first aid kit with basics for small scrapes and blisters from playing in high heels for hours.

Cards - Business cards are incredibly useful at fetish events and shoots. When networking with video producers, other pros and photographers, instead of giving your name and exchange website URLs over blasting speakers in a dungeon and hoping they remember, having a card ready gives them something to remind them in the following days instead of just a vague recollection of what you looked like and the first letter of your professional name.