Reviews can be handy for a number of things from restaurants to services, even sex toys and lubricants. A blog that has caught my attention among the many reviewers online is Erika Moen’s comic blog, Oh Joy Sex Toy, filled with reviews of toys like the infamous WeVibe, info-graphics on sexuality and praise to the sexy people she admires. Her husband is a semi-regular contributor, testing out products for the male market such as masturbation toys, plugs and penis extension sleeves. A self-proclaimed sex nerd, Erika’s initial goal with Oh Joy Sex Toy was to review products from various companies from vibrators and dildos to sex machines and even contraceptives. Now her comic is on a roll and branching out to exciting and related topics like queer porn, sexual anatomy and stripping.

Last night, I had the chance to meet with Portland's Erika Moen and chat briefly at the opening of an exhibit of some of her original artwork from Oh Joy Sex Toy in Seattle’s Babeland boutique, a vibrator Valhalla nestled in Capitol Hill. Black and white panels of her comic hovered above a rainbow of dildos,plugs, prostate stimulators and wands, a cheerful reminder of the fun that could be shared with the toys lining the shelves. Erika herself stood minding printed copies of her Hitachi Magic Wand review, prints available for sale, and cards featuring the adorable Anal Safety Snails that have been a hit with her fans.

As the blog grew, Erika began branching out from reviews to touching on topics near and dear to her: the joy of sexual exploration. She began inviting guest artists and writers to occasionally contribute with their experiences, too. Moen wants to continue the transformation of Oh Joy Sex Toy from strictly a review blog to a resource for budding explorers like she once was, and wants to help hedonists and kinksters looking for something new to try by offering non-judgmental, inclusive, and honest information for people of all identities and orientations. Motivated by a poor sexual education growing up, Erika said she wanted to do her part to “bring the happiness, the cuteness and joy into portrayals sex.”

While Oh Joy Sex Toy has taken on an unanticipated life of its own, becoming close to a full time occupation for Erika. She creates comics and art pieces that cover sex, kink, and personal sexual expression. Comics have been a lifelong passion, her portfolio bursting with whimsical illustrations of lovers, real and imagined beasts, autobiographical series and lush vegetables. Her distinctive style incorporates various body types, races, gender identities, and presentations; she wants her site to be accessible to everyone, and to share joy and acceptance of the very real and beautiful bodies we share with one another.

Oh Joy Sex Toy features new posts every Tuesday, and if you are in Seattle, her original artwork will be gracing the walls of Babeland until January 3rd, 2014. To find out more about her other works including several titillating fantasy series, check out Erika Moen's homepage.