Let's navigate down to the bare basics through some contemporary condom confusion:

I personally find the FC2 condom to be my favorite new sex BFF! Its a FEMALE condom so the penis equipped person is not part of the protection process. The condom is actually inserted into the vagina. At first not everyone is comfortable with the new sensation. A condom inside the kitty changes the frictional dynamics of orgasm interaction. These new female condoms become more comfortable with continued use, so grab a friend and practice with them!

For prophylactic wrapping on the penis in a traditional manner, I like "Crown" as a basic work kit type wrapper,  though they don't come in extra large sizes so be sure to keep a few Trojan Max in your wallet.  On the note of Trojan for  special friends I prefer the "Trojan For Her Pleasure" series. They have ribbing with a warming lubricant which most people find  pleasant.  In my experience men don't care as long as the condom isn't too tight. Luckily they come in all shapes and sizes for his pleasure enhancement and comfort.  Most women can't tell the difference between various condom models used unless they smell the condom, feel its aggressive texture or - worse case scenario - the condom has the potentially causticly irritating non-oxynol 9 in the lube.

I feel that its the lubricant that make all the difference when it comes to safer sex practices and the most noticeable addition. I personally only use one lubrication product for my consistent sexual partners and that is Maximus Lube.  It's water based and is divine in its texture. Its great for anal, vaginal and all toy based sex, and masturbation needs.

When in luxury love moments I do feel a proper high end lube is worth the flash cash. Why? The condom on becomes more of an after thought for the receptive partner so --- Fucking feels marvelous!

Realistically - Thats not always the choice for use with every day action so keep any water based lube handy in a clean, travel size container to prevent chaffing or discomfort during athletic style interludes. Or better yet look for single use packets of you favorite work lubes to add in that extra layer of safety. Astroglide and ID lube both come in widely available single use packages and the latter ID lube even comes in flavored varities.

If you are local I can give you a decent range of penis condoms and a few FC2 female condoms to try out without an exaggerated cost burden. Supplies limited. Philadelphia based entertainers advertising on Slixa - over the age of 25 - may email Lady Dahlia Entertainment.