As a Professional Dominant (and even before that as your average Jane), I get my own fair share of unsolicited cock shots from various men asking my opinion (and boy, do I have one!) on their shape, size, color and other attributes. After receiving so many of these, it was obvious that the Critique My Dick Pic Tumblr would catch my fancy as soon as I heard about it.

My first thought was that despite the disclaimers, surely some submissions must be ripped a new one...right? Instead, I was in for a more dick friendly account, critiquing “with love” as the author says in the Tumblr's mission statement. That's not to say that the photo composition and lighting won’t be picked to the bare, awkward bones with the hope of encouraging more thought being put into the average dick pic. Picking on the photographers and their subjects is not the mission, but not a single dick was shamed in the making of this Tumblr! It could be viewed as a place to learn the fine art of taking dick pics, or at least what not to do when giving Junior his fifteen minutes of fame on Tumblr.

This fledgling Tumblr account accepts submissions of photos from all dick toting people, whether they be large or small, straight or gay, and anywhere in between...up to and including a girl’s best friend: the strap on! As of now, though, the majority of submissions are circumcised male penises. So far there are few submissions, but an exhibitionistic outlet like this won’t stay underground for long so a little caution is advised for those with distinguishing features like tattoos or birthmarks.

Submissions are graded like school papers with a lettered grading system (A to F) with constructive commentary and blunt, but never mean spirited, criticism. The photos range from your typical disembodied “ I just dropped my drawers to snap a couple close shots” to well-lit and posed self portraits meant to tantalize the viewer. One of my favorites is one of a young woman arched beautifully to display her well-proportioned red strap on cock. My least favorite shots ran the gamut of D through D- ratings, and unsurprisingly, most of these were badly framed, or floating penises with poor presentation and held up to a bottle for a size comparison. How boring!

One of my fellow Slixa contributors, Karin Sin, wrote an article on when and how to appropriately send dick pics, but if you’re not ready to take the plunge with a special someone close to you while experimenting with your first snapshots of the goods, the Critique My Dick Pic Tumblr might be the perfect site to cut your teeth on. Or, hey, maybe it's just a place to enjoy an anonymous form of exhibitionism and get feedback on your skills. The author of the Tumblr account is happy to reassure their viewers that they will remain anonymous, will not be shamed or humiliated because of their penis’ appearance, and all photo criticism will be made “with love” of course.

So get your dick pic on, and in the process, make sure you're getting it right for whatever adoring audience you've got!