Pardon the pun, but it would be a safe bet to say that Las Vegas has surpassed anything the infamous entrepreneur/mobster Bugsy Siegel could have dreamed possible when he created the iconic (and still standing) Flamingo Hotel & Resort in 1947.

This town continues to serve as a playground for the rich, famous, and equally infamous - or those who just wish they were. So pack your bathing suit, grab your ATM card, put your inhibitions aside, and remember … what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Let’s go!

Since the mid to late 90’s,  Las Vegas has experienced monolithic growth (having birthed the term “Mega Resort”). The city is now home to well over a dozen self-contained compounds housing world-renowned spas, full scale shopping malls, golf courses, art galleries showcasing priceless art, a plethora of entertainment and convention spaces, dozens of four and five star eateries, and countless hotel rooms.

For a brief period in the mid 90’s Vegas attempted to change its image by focusing on "family friendly" experiences. Thankfully, that rebranding concept was short lived. In spite of a global economic downturn that drastically slowed construction in the last three years, newer properties have become sexier, more outrageous, and more blatant. Their sole intention? To introduce decadent debauchery to the visitors to the city of sin.

The Cosmopolitan 
Designed by artisans for those with a passion for creative expression, the hotel serves up a smorgasbord of visceral delights. Creativity oozes from every nook and cranny of this over-the-top resort. The moment you enter the lobby you’ll be entertained by an impressive digital video art installation while you check-in.

Remaining true to their mission statement, “Expect the Unexpected”, you mustn’t miss The Chandelier - a three story bar/lounge ensconced inside a crystal chandelier, each level with its own distinct point of view. Want some down time? The desert-inspired Sahara Spa and Hammam is reminiscent of a Turkish Sauna. You’ll feel as though you’re walking through sculpted caverns and caves - it’s something you have to experience to believe.

If you’ve ever traveled to Vegas you might have the expectation that your hotel room will only serve as a place to sleep and shower. Not here. The rooms at the Cosmopolitan look and feel more like a chic apartment you might find in any major metropolitan city like New York, Paris or Miami.

I realize this is a city that offers such a vast variety of options when it comes to places to stay, but seriously - with world class art, shopping, amazing restaurants by world renowned chefs, and a beautiful spa, I can’t recommend The Cosmopolitan highly enough. Their motto: “If you’re a misfit you’ll fit right in”.

Coined as the "sensual side" of Cirque De Soleil, the show has run for ten years at the New York, New York Hotel and Casino. The best way to describe the show is to think of it as part Burlesque show, part cabaret, part strip club, and part performance art - all combined with stunning acrobatics, sumptuous costumes (thanks to the masterful French Couturier, Thierry Mugler), and superb art direction. The show offers everything you’d come to expect from a Cirque De Soleil production. Tickets start at $69 up to $125 per person for floor seats ~ curvaceous crimson red love seats.

The Las Vegas Erotic Heritage Museum 
This is the creation of a most unlikely partnership - Rev.Ted McIlvenna and Harry Mohney - a Preacher and a Pornographer. Together they agreed to join forces and launch The Las Vegas Erotic Heritage Museum with a single mission: to preserve erotic artifacts, fine art, and film. At more than 17,000 square feet, EHM houses both permanent and featured exhibitions, as well as presenting a variety of workshops, classes, and live events. Visit the website to see the latest calendar.

Box Waxing Boutique 
Apparently there’s no greater sin in Sin City than to be hairy - especially where you shouldn’t be. Since this town tends to center around pool culture (especially during the summer months) and semi-nudity (where skin is in), excessive hair is out! But never fear, Box Waxing Boutique is here. Specializing in hair removal services for both men and women, there’s practically no part of the human anatomy that they won’t get their hands on.

Self-proclaimed as "Human Landscapers®", The Box will hot wax and strip yours baby smooth. From nipples and backs to sacks and cracks for the fellas (their term, not mine), after one visit you’ll be able to lay about the pool free from any embarrassing hair creeping out of your bikini, ears, or anywhere else you might be growing a forest.

Kiki De Montparnesse 
In need of some sexy new lingerie or a lux pair of leather handcuffs? This swank boutique offers everything your kinky little heart desires, and delivers it all with a touch of high class. Not to be missed: The shop's exclusive couples dressing room and portrait booth. When you visit, make sure to bring your partner along to partake in this truly unique and intimate space. Try on some luxurious garments, rekindle your romance, and take home a little memento of your experience.

The Crazy Horse 3 Gentleman’s Club 
No trip to this town would be complete without at least one visit to a strip club. Serving as one of the city's premier gentlemen’s clubs, The Crazy Horse III delivers everything you’d come to expect from a high end club: beautiful women, top shelf bar service, and a private limousine to deliver you and your party safely to and from your hotel. When visiting the website, check out the club's variety of VIP packages - each including transportation, front of line access to the club, as well as preferred seating, and pre-selected bar service.

Thunder From Down Under 
No worries, ladies - don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. Voted the best male strip show in Las Vegas, this group of hunky Aussies have entertained and tantalized thousands of women on stage (and millions more around the world) via their countless television appearances (everything from The View to Ellen). Based at the world famous Excalibur Hotel Resort and Casino, these blokes from down under are definitely easy on the eye, not so easy on the libido. Visit the website for reservations and current ticket pricing.

Night School 4 Girls
Ok, so a professional pole dancer you may never be, but that’s no reason why you shouldn’t gather a few of your girlfriends and literally kick up your heels while you’re in Sin City. Led by professional exotic dancers, the Night School 4 Girls provides an awesome opportunity to access your inner bombshell and reacquaint yourself with your sexy alter ego.

NS4G offers a variety of packages ranging from $39 to $99 per person, each including a private pole dancing & burlesque lesson, an official diploma, and souvenir photo. Inclusive higher-end packages are available, including tickets to the Thunder From Down Under all-male review, VIP entry to a variety of trendy nightclubs, and cocktail service.

Las Vegas BDSM Lifestyle Group 
If the typical tourist attractions fail to scratch your itch,  you might find yourself searching for a more kinky intimate experience. If you’re in "the lifestyle”, you may want to check out Vegas's local BDSM group.

LVBDSM is the city's only exclusive BDSM group for Dominants and submissive/slaves. If your visit coincides with a Friday evening, you may consider venturing off the strip for a local gathering known as a "Munch". The gathering is designed for the curious to meet with the other members and do a little vanilla socializing. For more info about the Munch, including location and dress requirements, visit the website.

Vegas is certainly brimming with all sorts of temptations, but you have to be smart while you’re having fun. For example, be careful about who you invite back to your room. Prearrange your transportation, especially if you travel off the strip and to plan to indulge. And finally, utilize the services of your hotels concierge - they probably have more knowledge about everything there is to see and do in this town than any guidebook.

So there you have it: a great overview of places to stay, shop, and be a little naughty. Not that it's all that hard to do -especially in a city designed around excessive expression. Have fun!