Many people with foot fetishes tend to have them from fairly early on. It's said this fetish could be the most common of all. Plenty of celebrities have come out about their love of sexy feet. Despite the popularity of this fetish, you might not know what you want to do with those lovely feet once you get a chance to indulge.

Here are five ways foot fetish can play out. Have fun and use these ideas to help figure out what works for you.æ

Foot Massage:
Offering to give or asking to receive a foot massage are a pretty obvious hint that someone has a foot fetish. Many people thoroughly enjoy foot massage, there are even spas that focus on the service. Foot massage can be arousing or a bit ticklish (see below). Just because you want to touch, caress and massage feet doesn't mean you know the best way to do it. Communicate about what you like and what feels good to you whether you're giving or receiving. Tricks like spreading the toes simultaneously with four fingers can be quite exhilarating. For example, I prefer more pressure on the bottoms of my feet as opposed to the tops. Reflexology is a great skill for any true foot fetishist.æ

Toe Sucking, aka Shrimping:
No, shrimping was not one of Forrest Gump's jobs, it's actually a term used to refer to sucking on cute little toes - they look a bit like shrimp! Toe sucking is a pretty common activity among foot fetishists. For the most part they enjoy clean pedicured toes and will happily give attention to each individual digit. There might also be some nibbling involved, but be careful not to bite too hard or scrape off any toe nail polish.æ

Some people really enjoy being walked all over, literally. They dream of laying at gorgeous feet pretending to be a doormat, walkway or foot stool. I've even seen an escort samba on top of a willing sub, like he was her personal dance floor. Hands, thighs, butts, and backs (but not the spine) can all be stood on, with a little support from sturdy furniture. A foot fetishist might love feet covering their entire face, but I wouldn't recommend standing on the face without ample support or from seated in a chair.

A sub might enjoy looking up at a mistress from the floor as if she's a giantess or goddess high above. Alternatively, they might want to feel like a little bug under strong powerful feet, able to smash and smoosh them into the floor. This can play out with fruit, foods or other small breakable items crushed against the floor or body.

Feet can be some of the most ticklish parts of the body. Although tickling is a popular fetish in its own right, it's often combined with a focus on the sensitive areas of the soles and toes. If your feet are extra ticklish, or if ticklishness is an important part of your fetish, it's a great idea to include that in your initial communications. Some people might be extra ticklish, but might not really enjoy the sensation. Others might not be ticklish at all, but they can still enjoy playing along and letting you find the one or two spots that make them jump.

Dirty Feet:
Sweat contains pheromones that can really heighten attraction. Completely pristine and clean feet might not have the intense aroma that some foot fetishists crave. Some fetishists want to play with feet that are extra sweaty or stinky. Some might even like the look of dirt on soles, as if you've been walking around barefoot for a few days. This is another area where it's best not to assume. A strong smell could be a real turn on for some and a real turn off for others. As a client, if you prefer feet to have a bit of a natural aroma, let your VIP escort know so that she can wear the right shoes, often without socks to ripen the scent for your encounter.

These are a just a few ways foot fetishists can indulge their fantasies. Others might include worship of the foot inside shoes, from sexy high heels to boots to flip flops. Size might also matter, some people enjoy particularly large or small feet, or they might like to compare different size feet amongst friends. Eating foods like pie or noodles directly off of feet is another fun way to combine food with your foot fetish. The list goes on!

I hope you're having fun with your foot fetish, and are inspired by some of these ways to play.