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+Experience one of Seattle’s most beloved, red-headed flames.

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Get lost…be found.

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We all need a little extra attention during this crazy time, and I have a secret place where the world may just melt away.

During this crazy world that is 2020, we may need to discover an entirely new kind of affection. How would it feel to slow way, way down and look, like deeply look, into someone’s eyes, take your time letting yourself get excited, and just letting whatever emotion or feeling that manifests itself just…be? We’ve been bored, scared, sheltered, and most of all need affection. And every single kind of it. I want you to come take a load off, drop both your inner and outer baggage in my front door, and get ready to travel across the stars on a beam of light.

Now! Here for the delectable details. The looks: both inside and out:
I am told that I am captivating. Many say that I possess a certain something that they don’t quite understand…but oh, oh, please don’t make it stop!

Do you want to laugh with abandon and get lost in a good story? Do you want me to bait you with my eyes into a game of cat and mouse? From a peppering of tattoos, to the tips of my eyelashes, and to the tops of my manicured toes, I exude an original type of alternative elegance, combined with an unyielding sense of curiosity. I am fluid in endless surroundings and can adapt to nearly any situation.

On the outside, I have a crown of soft auburn waves and dark green eyes; and the features of my face give me an air of eastern European descent. Dare I say I’m something of a beauty? I’ve worked hard to cultivate a toned-but-not-too-toned, athletic-yet-feminine look, that shows devotion to a variety of athletic adventures including surfing, kickboxing, and yoga.

I am no runway model. However, standing at 5’8”, I carry myself with grace and elegance and wear my body very well. I think you’ll like it.

I’m college-educated, love deeply, and have an enigmatic combination of intelligence, nerdiness, razor-sharp wit, and down-to-earth playfulness. I’m a language enthusiast, word nerd, and love to travel the world and meet others who have done the same! I love to share and collect stories. Stories of love and loss, travelling the globe, and everything in between.

However “normal” you may find yourself to be, there is always something that grabs my attention regarding every human being that I encounter. I often find myself able to discover something about you that may often get overlooked, or perhaps not truly appreciated by others.

Bodywork has always been my muse and first love, as well as highly enjoyable for both myself and my guests. But try a Companionship session next! We can spend time to internally “look” for each other, and perhaps be able to bounce upon the reflections off our own very individual prisms—the hidden things that only shine if you’re looking for them. :)

I can’t wait to meet you. And sooner than later!

Warmly yours,
Penelope xo


My Bodywork session, is a highly amorous, two-way, temple-style massage with elements of deep rub and the dramatic visuals of yoga. I have a highly unique style that is often compared to more inclusive offerings as being “more” in nearly every way.
350/60 minutes
400/90 minutes
500/2 hours

The Companionship Packages
What should we do together, you and I?! Let’s explore beneath every surface, go deep…maybe enjoy sushi with a flight of sake, smoke cigars beneath the stars…or choose your own adventure! I’m college-educated and am always learning something new, so if you like, we can philosophize naked until the sun comes up.
600/90 minutes…A brief encounter.
800/2 hours…Let’s savor the moment and relax.
1,000/3 hours…Enough time for both dinner and perhaps a glass of port!
1,600/8 hours…Let’s explore the city! Then, exlore our own abode.
3K/Overnight…Perfect for the out of town visitor: we can explore a plethora of day and nightime delights, perhaps enjoy a quick brunch, and immediately begin to long for each other again.

The Look

Penelope Querida is a 5'8", curvy, 34 year old caucasian woman with shoulder length red hair and green eyes.

She is available for Male only.


Currently reading:

  • “Stillness is the Key” by Ryan Holiday
  • “Atomic Habits” by James Clear

Current obsession: Gratitude! I worked on a small batch of thank you cards for an event that recently passed, and thought, “Why stop there?” I am loving writing thank you cards! There are too many reasons to count why someone you know should get one.

Currently educating myself on: the difference between systems vs. goals.

Gotta do more: squats and pull-ups! But mostly squats. Momma always said: always sip and don’t gulp! Eat your veggies, wear good lipstick, and Do Your Squats! :)


How To Set Up a Session:
Please connect to me via email at to set up a session and have the requisites below included in your email.

  1. A bit about yourself. Doesn’t have to be long, but the more I know about you, the more eager I will be to make your acquaintance.
  2. An active board handle with recent activity/reviews/okays, or P411 ID#.
  3. Two companion references to vouch for you with their preferred method of contact included.
  4. Day/time preferred for your appointment, as well as how long of a session you’d like.

**Note: I’m newbie friendly! Email for requisites. If you do not have references, then you must be prepared to divulge personal information. This route can also be pursued alternatively to the above requests, but I value references.

Hours: These fluxuate depending on client standing and my schedule, but typically are as follows. I can, however, make exceptions!

Mon-Fri: 3pm-10pm
Sat & Sun: 12pm-8pm

*these are easily up for changes if needed.

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