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On any given day you will find me designing, building, creating, destroying, blessing, releasing, smiling, dancing, singing, living, loving, laughing, skipping, skinny dipping, reading, writing, and never hiding.
I will eat all the ice cream.
I have much to offer a man.
Im a 5’1 athletic caucasian woman. Blonde hair blue eyes.
She is available for Male, and Couples.
I am agile in body, mind & spirit and I am old enough to know how to behave properly. You’ll get no temper tantrums from me. I will communicate openly and clearly. I will listen to you and hear you. I understand and can fully comply with a requirement for discretion.
I’m a licensed massage therapist. I’ve worked with pro athletes and famous musicians, in other words people who can hire whoever they choose and typically know what they are getting. I can definitely fix what ails you. I am a creative, my last major project was an awarded project installed and burned at Burning Man.
I tend to be fiercely independent and not so good at asking for help. Should we decide we are a good fit for each other, I will take care of you in our time together. It’s what I do everywhere in my life.
I work with not for profits producing events and developing PR & marketing campaigns as a consultant. I am a social entreprenuer with a business I am preparing to launch, poised to change the way a 6 billion dollar industry currently operates.
I’m active and fit. I rock climb, fence and wakeboard. I want to surf more! I love to bike all over town. I enjoy good wine and great food.
But enough about me, today is about you. Today I would like to take you on a journey. One that I will strive to make exciting and fun, a bit of a break from the familiarity of our daily lives. A journey that will ultimately let you ease into a pure state of joyful calm - this is not the one with which you are accustomed, this is the calm that comes after the storm. I think you’ll like it.

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Jade is a 5'1", slender, 24 year old caucasian woman with medium length blonde hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Couples.


I am a free spirit. i am not that great at asking for help. that said, with humility I let you know we had a house fire at the begining of last summer and i have many things that i would love to be able to replace in time for spring.
books: i lost over 300 manuscripts. i love to read and my library contained everything from fictional classics to art and design books. i am interested in personal and professional development.
i love to go camping. to be able to replace my camping gear and my hammock tent and my soulpad would be amazing!
i had a lovely little containter garden on my back patio with a variety of gorgeous clay pots that i will be creating anew this spring and summer. i have not replaced my outdoor seating and rug, or my cafe style string lights. and i had one of those blowup hottubs. i most definitely want to replace that.
i know that most of these things are much too large to carry with you so if you feel inclined, i will gratefully accept gift cards from restoration hardware, william sonoma home, design within reach, crate and barrel, cb2, west elm, rei, or amazon so that i can recreate my lovely outdoor spaces as quickly as possible this spring!


* If I cannot verify that you are a real person it will be impossible to invite you into my space and share of myself openly.
* i will prepare for our time together with careful attention to detail, please do me the courtesy of presenting your best self. if you want to clean up at my place, there will always be time, clean fluffy towels and a lovely place to do so.
* if you must cancel, please do me the courtesy of letting me know as soon as possible. if this becomes a habit, i will charge a rebooking fee of 50% before i see you the next time.
* i find it is best for both of us when you discreetly leave your gift in an unsealed envelope on a table upon your arrival. if we are in public, please put it in a book that you think i will enjoy and offer it at the begining of our engagement. this way we can make the most of our time together with ease and happy hearts.

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