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Remi Starling

+Dancing, Skipping, Skinny Dipping

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I once had a man tell me I was so fine he’d drink my bath water. Is that a thing?

Brilliantly open-minded, sophisticated, articulate, sweet, attentive, creative, fun, switch: a perfect companion for all occasions.

I offer an authentic & connected time together with no codependent dysfunction while apart. I exude a youthful playfulness in body, mind and spirit. Yet I am old enough to know how to behave properly. I know what I like. You are free to explore your authentic self in my presence. You will feel this while we are together, it is palpable. I will design our time so that you may set down your daily burdens and truly relax. You will leave me light and content. Perhaps you will feel a new calm, the kind that comes after the storm. I am certain you will enjoy it.

I’m available to gentlemen & couples at my beautifully furnsihed and fully stocked aprtment. Please arrive freshly clean or plan to use my shower upon arrival. There will always be fresh towels & toilettries available. I will travel with you or to you, if you like. First class travel and accomodation requried.

The Look

Remi Starling is a 5'6", athletic, mature caucasian woman with short blonde hair and green eyes.

She is available for Male, and Couples.


On any given day you might find me designing, creating, building, demolishing, remodeling, ameliorating, reading, writing, listening, painting, cooking, flowing, living, laughing, loving, dancing, skipping, skinny dipping & generaly being chaotic good where ever my parade may lead.

I like to dance at an afters club sometimes. I also like to enjoy the solitude of an afternoon hike with just my pup. I took a large wooden sculpture to burning man one time it was awesome & everyone should try it once. Though I loved it, don’t feel it is necesary to attend every year. I want to surf and wakeboard more.

I’m starting a health & wellness business we are just about ready to scale globablly. Ask me about it, I will light up.


90 mins: $750

3 hours: $1200

6 hours: $2,000

Overnight: $3,000 1st class travel

Weekend: $5,000 1st class travel

  • Please be prepared to share reasonable screening information including: first & last name, your phone number, your age and zip code.
  • At first contact please provide the date, time and duration of your desired appointment with me.
  • I will reply immediately to inquiries via text or email.
  • No phone calls until you are screened, please.
  • I request 1st class travel, accommodation & a 50% deposit upon booking to travel.
  • I will not waste your time, please offer me the same kindness.
  • I am choosy: quality over quantity always.
  • I am discreet, respectful & selective, as are you.
  • Rates for my time are non-negotiable.
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